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Infinispan Client for Quarkus


The RemoteCache by default only supports byte[] key and values. However a user can plug in a Marshaller to workaround that. Please see the next few sections about features that currently work and those that don't

Things that work


Can be supplied via file. The class must have a no arg public constructor. This can also be configured at runtime by supplying DataFormat with the appropriate Marshaller instances on a key or value basis. You can also add infinispan-remote-query-client as a dependency and configure the marshaller in the hotrod.client-properties file to be infinispan.client.hotrod.marshaller=org.infinispan.client.hotrod.marshall.ProtoStreamMarshaller which allows support for protobuf marshalling. You can also provide org.infinispan.protostream.MessageMarshaller via @Produces and we will automatically register those marshallers with the global ProtoStreamMarshaller.

Protobuf Marshalling

A user can define Injected protobuf Marshaller and FileDescriptorSource to configure the ProtoStreamMarshaller if it is in use.

The code here would be part of the user application to allow protobuf marshalling for User types Book and Author.

   MessageMarshaller bookMarshaller() {
      return new BookMarshaller();

   MessageMarshaller authorMarshaller() {
      return new AuthorMarshaller();

   FileDescriptorSource bookProtoDefinition() {
      return FileDescriptorSource.fromString("library.proto", "package book_sample;\n" +
            "\n" +
            "message Book {\n" +
            "  required string title = 1;\n" +
            "  required string description = 2;\n" +
            "  required int32 publicationYear = 3; // no native Date type available in Protobuf\n" +
            "\n" +
            "  repeated Author authors = 4;\n" +
            "}\n" +
            "\n" +
            "message Author {\n" +
            "  required string name = 1;\n" +
            "  required string surname = 2;\n" +

You may also now supply a file(s) in the META-INF directory of your project ending in .proto. Any such file will be read and parsed as a protobuf file and automatically registered with the protostream marshaller if configured. Note that the programmatic way via @Produces will overwrite any same named files (ie. library.proto).


RemoteCache and RemoteCacheManager can both be injected via @Inject. The former allows named cache injection by adding the Remote annotation, specifying the name of the cache. Currently the RemoteCacheManager is configured via the and/or (with micro profile config replacing properties if both are present).

Near Caching

Bounded and Unbounded both work. Exception encountered when protobuf marshalling is enabled


This is working, but requires some additional steps to get configured.

Configure truststore information (optionally keystore)

This is configured via file located in META-INF. Everything is the same as normal in that you have to add the certificate from the server to the configured truststore if it already trusted in the default java cacerts file.

Configure your project to allow security services (enable JNI optional)

You (currently) need to enable all security services in Substrate ( This can be done by adding <enableAllSecurityServices>true</enableAllSecurityServices> to the quarkus-maven-plugin configuration values.

You may have to also enable JNI, depending on the security provider by also adding <enableJni>true</enableJni> to the same configuration values. If you have to enable JNI you will then also have to add the appropriate shared library to be contained in a directory defined by java.library.path. In many times this shared library will be sunec, which can be located at <JAVA_HOME>/jre/lib/<platform>/


DIGEST_MD5, PLAIN, EXTERNAL were all tested to work.


Querying is also supported. To be able to do DSL based queries you need to add the infinispan-query-dsl artifact to your list of dependencies and then you can use it as normal. A simple example can be seen at


Counters work :)

Continuous Query

Continuous Query works


This is working

Things to do

Annotation based protobuf marshalling is not yet currently supported. This requires additional changes as classes must be generated at compile time and protostream, underlying library powering protobuf marshalling, only supports runtime based class generation.

Things to still verify work


Need to verify what is needed


This will need additional dependencies and verification

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