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Windows support: 2 bug fixes required #28

alstrup opened this Issue · 4 comments

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There are two bugs in that prevent it from working on stock Windows.

Change the function expand_path around line 50 such that the last 4 lines are:

if os.getenv('HOME') != None:               # Added
    value = re.sub(r'\${home}', os.getenv('HOME'), value)
value = re.sub(r'\${folder:(?P<file>.*)}', lambda m: os.path.dirname('file')), value)
value = value.replace('\\', os.sep)         # Replace / with os.sep
return value

There is no HOME variable set in Windows, and the path separator is not /, but .


Is this actually causing a problem? I just tried and had no problem running on Windows with the current code. Home is already checked whether it's None or not and using forward slashes have never been a problem on Windows for me.


Yes, it does not work for me without both fixes. Notice I am not using GDB, but another debugger, which might not be as tolerant as GDB.

@quarnster quarnster referenced this issue from a commit
@quarnster Fixes issue #28 0d3aab2

I see. Out of curiosity, which debugger if I may ask?

I've submitted a fix now so hopefully others won't run into it.

@quarnster quarnster closed this

It is a debugger we made ourselves for our own programming language.

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