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run_cmd can take list of commands as input #32

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patch to allow run_cmd to also take a list of commands. It allows configs such as:

        "sublimegdb_exec_cmd" : [
            "target remote localhost:3333",
            "monitor reset halt",
            "load build/ch.elf",
            "monitor reset halt",

Each command will have its own timeout. Maybe the timeout should apply to the whole set of commands? I'm not sure of the best behaviour

@quarnster quarnster merged commit a06b616 into from

I guess the largest problem is if it fails for some reason and then you are stuck with x commands times y seconds of timeout where Sublime Text 2's main thread is hung, but I consider that to be a separate problem not really related to this change. I'll open up a new issue tracking that.

Thanks for the pull request!

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Commits on Oct 14, 2012
  1. @trsaunders

    run_cmd now accepts a list of commands in addition to the previous be…

    trsaunders authored
    …haviour (just a single string command)
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@@ -1158,6 +1158,12 @@ def run_cmd(cmd, block=False, mimode=True, timeout=10):
timeoutcount = timeout/0.001
+ ### handle a list of commands by recursively calling run_cmd
+ if isinstance(cmd, list):
+ for c in cmd:
+ run_cmd(c, block, mimode, timeout)
+ return count
if mimode:
count = count + 1
cmd = "%d%s\n" % (count, cmd)
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