Livescript microrouting library
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Streaming HTTP routing for Node.js. Best served with Oban and a dash of water. Built on Highland.

npm install livewire


{route, get, post} = require \livewire
{ok, not-found} = require \dram
{body-params} = require \corps
User = require \theoretical-user-model
templates = require \theoretical-templater

route [
  get '/' -> ok "hello"
  get '/user/:id' (req)-> User.get .chain templates.user
  post '/user/:id' (req)->
    params <- body-params JSON.parse, req .chain
    model <- User.get .chain
    <- model.update params .save! .chain
    redirect '/user/#id'

route returns a function that takes a request and returns a result Stream. Funnily enough, that's exactly the kind of function you serve with Oban. Have a look at Peat and Dram if you need fancy responses.



route : ∀a,b. [a → Stream b] → a → Stream b

Calls the functions in turn and returns the first nonempty stream. Given our handlers return empty streams for non-matching routes, this is sufficient to call the first matching route handler.


respond : ∀a. Method → Path → (Request → Stream a) → Request → Stream a

Takes a string method and path, a handler, and a request, and gives back a stream for a response. If the method or the path don't match, the stream is empty, and you can switch to an alternate stream with .otherwise

get, post et al

Are just respond partially applied with the method.


A simple string path matches exactly. If the last character is /, it matches a path prefix, unless the path is / exactly. Paths can contain parameters, which are of the form :ident. This match any non-/ string, and extract the value into req.params under the key given by the identifier.

Request body

Request body handling has been removed from Livewire 0.6, and split out into its own module, Corps.



©2012-2014 Matt Brennan