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Rewrite rfolder calls to a map of requires
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Convert any code using rfile and derivatives so that it supports browserify.

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This module is a plugin for browserify to parse the AST for rfolder calls so that you can inline the folder contents into your bundles.

Example with Browserify

For a main.js

var contents = rfolder('./misc');

And a misc/robot.js file.

exports.hello = function() {
    return("Beep boop");

first npm install rfolderify into your project, then:

on the command-line

$ browserify -t rfolderify example/main.js > bundle.js

or with the API

var browserify = require('browserify');
var fs = require('fs');

var b = browserify('example/main.js');


More options

You can pass an options parameter to rfolder:

var contents = rfolder('./misc', {extensions: [".coffee", ".jade"], keepExt: [".jade"]});

Valid options are:

  • extensions - A list of extensions to require. If this is not provided, the default is to require any file which node.js would require. e.g. [".js", ".coffee", ".jade"] to require all .js, .coffee, and .jade files from the directory.
  • checkExt - If false, then extensions will be ignored, and all files will be required regardless of their extension.
  • keepExt - By default, rfolder strips extensions from file names when generating keys for the folder object. keepExt can be set true to keep all extensions, or to an array of extensions to keep. For example, if you have a folder containing a "robot.js" and a "robot.jade", then passing {keepExt: '.jade'} would make it so contents['robot'] would refer to the .coffee file, while contents['robot.jade'] would refer to the jade file.
  • require - JS string used to require each file. Defaults to "require".

Direct Usage

A tiny command-line program ships with this module for easier debugging and if you just want this without any of the rest of browserify.

npm install rfolderify -g
rfolderify --help




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