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title: "Notebook with Data from Shiny"
server: shiny
This example takes the existing Observable notebook [\@d3/hexbin]( and renders the interesting parts in this page (the input slider and the output plot).
We also replace the data in the original notebook with our own copy of the data from Shiny, adding the ability to filter the data.
Click the **Code** button above to see the source code.
// Import the hexbin notebook, replacing its data with our own
import {viewof radius, chart} with {data as data} from "@d3/hexbin";
// The data used by the chart is this: a transposed version of the
// diamonds Shiny reactive that is defined in the R chunk below.
data = transpose(diamonds)
//| panel: sidebar
viewof radius
viewof cut = {
const levels = ["Fair", "Good", "Very Good", "Premium", "Ideal"];
return, {value: levels, multiple: true, label: "Filter by cut:"});
//| panel: fill
#| context: server
diamonds <- reactive({
ggplot2::diamonds %>%
filter(cut %in% input$cut) %>%
select(x = carat, y = price)