Patches to add code coverage support in the R interpreter.
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Patches to add code coverage support in the R interpreter.


This repository contains patches of the R interpreter source code to add code coverage support. It allows to know which exact lines of source code were exercized/hit/covered while running some piece of code (usually a test suite). The easiest way to test it is using our docker container:


As stated above, you can just use the docker container. To patch it manually:

  1. choose the appropriate patch corresponding to the version of the R interpreter you are going to use.
  2. get the source code of the R version (download and untar)
  3. patch the source code (patch)
  4. configure the source directory (./configure)
  5. compile and install (make; make install)

The project is organized in sudirectories per supported R version, e.g. r302 for R version 3.0.2. The above steps are somewhat automated using a Makefile (you need probably GNU make). For example, to download, untar, patch, configure, make and install R-3.0.2:

git clone
cd r-coverage-patch/r302/
# download, untar and patch
make apply_production_patch 
# install in ./local/
make install 
# Or install in a custom place
make install PREFIX=/whatever/

# run it


I added a condition in the internal C function getSrcref(), that records the line numbers if the code coverage is started (via Rcov_start()). The overhead should be minimal since for a given file, subsequent covered lines will be stored in constant time. I use a hashed env to store the occurrences by file.

I added two entry points in the utils package (Rcov_start() and Rcov_stop())

viewing the main patched file: eval.c

For convenience (Caution: it can be outdated), I included the main patched file in the repo, you can view it here:


(see also

Start the patched R interpreter, then:

pkg  <- download.packages('testthat', '.', repos = "")
untar(pkg[1, 2])

res <- as.list(Rcov_stop())