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A beautiful visualization of social data gathered using ThinkUp
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Social Timeline

Social Timeline was created as a beautiful way to present data collected using ThinkUp.

About ThinkUp

ThinkUp is a PHP/MySQL application that captures your social interaction on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Visit the ThinkUp website for more informatiom.

Getting Started

Social Timeline requires a ThinkUp installation to communicate with. If your ThinkUp installation and Social Timeline are on different domains, you may need to modify your headers to allow the cross-origin request (I used this guide for Apache).

To display media you'll need the Expand URLs plugin enabled in ThinkUp and an key (there is a free plan).

Create a directory for the timeline and upload all the necessary files. Next, make a copy of config.sample.js named config.js and enter the required settings. Enjoy!


Social Timeline's source code is licensed under the GNU General Public License, except for the external libraries listed below.

External Libraries

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