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Bitgram - bitcoin native email, private and decentralized
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Bitgram - bitcoin native email, private and decentralized

very rough draft, just brainstorming!

Overall concept is to cache encrypted messages (blobs) to recipients based in their public key along with a transaction to a set of random delivery agents, and when the recipient picks up the message from any agent they return a secret so that the agent can claim the transaction and get paid for the service.

message delivery agent DHT

Active delivery agents join a blockname DHT of .bitgram, resolution always returns the closest active agents to a given query and their current per-byte-day rate.


  • create an encrypted payload and nonce, hash is key
  • contact 1+ agents on the DHT, vary nonce to optimize location
  • perform zero-knowledge negotiation (like penny bank) to select secret from each agent
  • end up w/ hash of a secret for the frozen tx, and hash of the sealed payload per-agent
  • frozen tx is 1-of-many p2sh of all agents
  • build merkle tree of the sealed hashes, use top hash in OP_RETURN of tx funding the p2sh of the frozen tx so recipient can validate
  • distribute frozen tx and all sealed hashes to all agents
  • create a payload and secret-locked tx w/ payload hash and sealing key
  • agents cache when verified


  • monitor blockchain for unread messages? (the recipient id)
  • contact agents based on the DHT/key
  • request sealed from the unread tx
  • get sealed copy and section of merkle tree to validate integrity
  • derive secret, return to agent
  • agent collects fee by broadcasting frozen tx w/ secret, always contains key to unseal


wild west

  • select 1+ compute nodes from the DHT
  • negotiate escro'd microtx (penny bank) with all
  • share the "difference" of secrets w/ the nodes (each get others but not own)
  • nodes must all collaborate to "compute", carefully share secrets to get their own
  • program signals sync events w/ dynamic state, used to validate all nodes
  • all nodes must have all secrets and sign final tx
  • may only be triggered by blockchain events (getting funded?)
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