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Minimal Zero-Footprint CBOR Decoder in C
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cb0r - Minimal Zero-Footprint CBOR Decoder in C

A one-pass minimal malloc-free walk of the raw bytes using a fast jump table to determine state transitions and decode a result.

  • public domain, single cb0r.c file with one ~200 line function
  • easy to use, just returns a given type, value, and offset locations in the bytes
  • no dependencies, designed for embedded use
  • requires no memory/malloc or copying, uses only what is passed in
  • safely stops on anything invalid

For other CBOR implementations check


uint8_t *cb0r(uint8_t *start, uint8_t *stop, uint32_t skip, cb0r_t result)

  • processes one item by default into result (if provided)
  • returns end pointer to byte following the item value (may be == stop for complete, > stop for item value length overflow)
  • can very efficiently skip any number of leading items of any type
  • see header for result structure and types
  • fully supports maps, arrays, and indefinite length types
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