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Update to work with Node 0.8.*, including building with node-gyp and handling both ways OpenSSL can be used.

Dan Bornstein added some commits Aug 23, 2012
Dan Bornstein First attempt to make `node-gyp` work. bf58c75
Dan Bornstein Tweaks. f566ed5
Dan Bornstein `node-gyp --verbose` 4b82814
Dan Bornstein Attempt to conditionally change `include_dirs`.
Also prefer single quotes here, to be a good team player.
Dan Bornstein Move the `conditions` section. fc1af42
Dan Bornstein Undo `--verbose`. 3f5228b
Dan Bornstein Improved error checking.
This accounts for observed differences between different versions of
OpenSSL, opting for a consistent error message coming from Ursa, rather
than just letting the OpenSSL error bubble up.
Dan Bornstein I actually think this should still work for Node 0.6.*. 7e545f2
Dan Bornstein Credits. 3303ca3
Dan Bornstein Pointless tweak. 63aa6ed
Dan Bornstein Again. a5e0e19
Dan Bornstein Add default for `node_shared_openssl`.
It's not defined in 0.6 and earlier, and the behavior in those versions
is to always build with shared OpenSSL.
Dan Bornstein Handle both variants of key generation.
This keys off of the OpenSSL version number, which seems to be the most
reliable way to know whether it's safe to use the newer function.
Dan Bornstein Add compatibility note. afe78cd
@danfuzz danfuzz merged commit c1d6ff9 into master Sep 4, 2012

It doesn't.

What's going wrong, and on what OS and version of Node? It worked for me in my testing (on Linux, with Node 0.6.17 built from source).

Trying to install it on Cloud9, which uses Node.js 0.6.19, results in the following error:

ERR! Error: EXDEV, link '/usr/lib/node_modules/npm/node_modules/node-gyp/legacy/tools/gyp/gyptest.pyc'

It might be an OpenShift problem, according to this thread: https://openshift.redhat.com/community/forums/openshift/node-bcrypt-module-fails-to-install

0.6.9 installs without any problems.

Ok, not much I can do about it then, I think. I'd just specify ~0.6.2 as the version of Ursa. Functionally it should be the same as 0.7.0.

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