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Mocha Browser & CoffeeScript Boilerplate

This is a minimalistic boilerplate for a browser-based CoffeeScript project that is tested with Mocha. The Mocha tests use the Chai assertion library for browser compatibility. The CoffeeScript coffee executable is required for source and test compilation. Once the CoffeeScript is compiled, CoffeeScript is not required for the browser-based tests, which are run simply by opening test/index.html with a modern browser.

Included library versions

  • Chai: 1.2.0
  • CoffeeScript: not included
  • jQuery: 1.8.2
  • Mocha: 1.6.0


To use this boilerplate to start your own project:

  1. Install CoffeeScript per the official instructions.
  2. rm -rf .git
  3. Replace in both test and src with your own code.
  4. make to compile source and test CoffeeScript, or else make watch and make test-watch for automatic compilation
  5. Edit and LICENSE, replacing this project's details with your own.