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Added CoffeeScript instructions and jQuery version to Readme.

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@@ -4,17 +4,19 @@ This is a minimalistic boilerplate for a browser-based CoffeeScript project that
The Mocha tests use the [Chai]( assertion library for browser compatibility.
The CoffeeScript `coffee` executable is required for source and test compilation. Once the CoffeeScript is compiled, CoffeeScript is **not** required for the browser-based tests, which are run simply by opening `test/index.html` with a modern browser.
-## Library versions
+## Included library versions
* Chai: 1.2.0
-* jQuery:
+* CoffeeScript: not included
+* jQuery: 1.8.2
* Mocha: 1.6.0
## Usage
To use this boilerplate to start your own project:
+1. Install CoffeeScript per the [official instructions](
1. `rm -rf .git`
1. Replace `` in both `test` and `src` with your own code.
1. `make` to compile source and test CoffeeScript, or else `make watch` and `make test-watch` for automatic compilation
-1. Edit ``, replacing this project's details with your own.
+1. Edit `` and `LICENSE`, replacing this project's details with your own.
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