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Release 3.0 alpha 3, XXX XX 2016
* fix PosgreSQL db provider configuration for .NET Core
Release 3.0 alpha 2, Aug 24 2016
* fix scheduler signaling not working with AdoJobStore due to thread local storage
* thread local state removed altogether
* quartz.serializer.type was required even though non-serializing RAMJobStore was in use
* JSON serialization incorrectly called serialization callbacks
* IStatefulJob was removed, been obsolete since 2.x
* ISemaphore interface now passes Guid requestorId that defines lock owner instead of implicit thread name
Release 3.0 alpha 1, Aug 16 2016
* Task based jobs with async/await support
* Support .NET Core
* .NET 4.5/netstandard1.3 required
* Scheduler methods have been changed to be Task based, remember to await them
* IJob interface now returns a task
* Some IList properties have been changed to IReadOnlyList to properly reflect intent
* SQL Server CE support has been dropped
* DailyCalendar uses now datetimes for excluded dates and has ISet interface to access them
* IObjectSerializer has new method, void Initialize(), that has to be implemented
* Issues with time zone ids between Windows and Linux, they use different ids for the same zone
* No remoting support
Release 2.4, Aug 18, 2016
Only minor changes and fixes but dependency updates which merits for a minor version upgrade.
This version changes HolidayCalendar serialization not to depend on C5 library.
Quartz v3 can only handle HolidayCalendars serialized in this 2.4 binary format.
* Add SQL limit support for MySQLDelegate
* Removed dbFailureRetryInterval since it is no longer used
* Update Common Logging to v3.3.1
* Batch acquisition can cause early firing of triggers
* Should not rely on C5.TreeSet<T> on HolidayCalendar field serialization
Release 2.3.3, Jul 9, 2015
This is a minor release containing mostly bug fixes.
* Support generic job types with AdoJobStore
* AdoJobStore doesn't notify about removing orphaned job
* Store null JobData in JobDetails if it's empty
* Documentation error in SimpleTriggerImpl UpdateAfterMisfire
* Ensure IDriverDelegate members in StdAdoDelegate are virtual
Release 2.3.2, Mar 30, 2015
This is a minor release containing mostly bug fixes.
* Add mysql 6.9.5 provider support
* Avoid unnecessary object allocations in CronExpression
* CalendarIntervalTrigger and DailyTimeIntervalTrigger produce incorrect schedule builders
* Incorrect multiplication factor in DailyTimeIntervalScheduleBuilder.EndingDailyAfterCount()
* AnnualCalendar SetDayExcluded does not update internal data structures if base calendar excludes date
* Ensure IDriverDelegate members in StdAdoDelegate are virtual
* Several XML documentation spelling error fixes
Release 2.3.1, Jan 15, 2015
This is a bug fix release with upgraded Common.Logging dependency, also problems running
under .NET 4.0 should now be finally fixed.
* Upgrade to Common.Logging 3.0.0
* JobDetailImpl members should be virtual
* Triggers do not transition to error state in AdoJobStore when job retrieval fails during trigger acquisition
* Quartz.Server.exe.config refers to wrong Common.Logging.Log4Net assembly
* Incorrect NextFireTime when 'schedule-trigger-relative-to-replaced-trigger' = 'true'
* Could not load type 'System.Runtime.CompilerServices.ExtensionAttribute' from assembly mscorlib
* TriggerBuilder.UsingJobData(JobDataMap newJobDataMap) should ovewrite existing data
Release 2.3, Nov 8, 2014
This is a bug fix release with some changes that warrant a minor version increment.
* Upgrade to Common.Logging 2.3.1
* Add ability to check if calendar exists in job store
* Add FirebirdDelegate and update Firebird driver
* DailyTimeIntervalTriggerImpl fires twice during daylight saving time day
* No wait time between db connection failures with AcquireNextTriggers causes excessive logging
* Configure the quartz server in the <quartz> section fails
* CronExpression ctor incorrectly uses the non-uppercased string
* Triggers fired milliseconds too early
* Loading of Quartz 4.0 DLL fails on systems with no .NET 4.5 installed
Release 2.2.4, Jul 27, 2014
This is a bug fix release addressing some minor issues.
* Cannot register trigger persistence delegates with assembly qualified names
* Set example server's current directory to the one where server.exe is
* Fix TimeZoneInfo.GetUtcOffset(DateTimeOffset dateTimeOffset) not implemented in Mono
* Gracefully handle mixed useProperties usage when reading from DB when useproperties value has changed
* FindSystemTimeZoneById should work with both 'Coordinated Universal Time' and 'UTC'
* Latest release (2.3) didn't include Dbprovider constant string in StdSchedulerFactory - running examples fails
Release 2.2.3, Mar 30, 2014
This is a bug fix release which has some critical fixes, especially for CalendarIntevalTrigger
future date calculation and trigger's next fires not being processed in a timely fashion when AdoJobStore is used
with DisallowConcurrentExecutionAttribute and trigger has short repeat interval.
* StdAdoConstants.SqlSelectSchedulerStates does not filter on the SCHED_NAME column
* CalendarIntervalTrigger produces incorrect schedule
* Trigger completion signaling from AdoJobStore does not work properly when DisallowConcurrentExecution is set
* IDisposable jobs should be disposed after execution
* Support for defining DbMetadata via App.config's quartz section
Release 2.2.2, Feb 9, 2014
This is a minor release fixing couple of minor bugs
* long properties incorrectly read as int in SimplePropertiesTriggerPersistenceDelegateSupport
* RecoveringTriggerKey in JobExecutionContext has group and name wrong way around
* Make SQL Server table create script Azure SQL compliant
* Add missing clustered index for QRTZ_BLOB_TRIGGERS table
** You need to manually add this to existing installation (tables created with old script),
Release 2.2.1, Nov 24, 2013
This is a minor release containing mostly bug fixes.
* GroupMatcher<T>.AnyGroup() support
* Add network credential and SMTP port definition support to SendMailJob
* SchedulerException constructor unnecessarily uses Exception.ToString as message
* Thread name prefix for thread pool is not set
* Triggers should not be excluded based on the fire time of the first selected trigger
* Quarts server does not properly log possible exception when starting the service
* DailyTimeIntervalTrigger GetFireTimeAfter produces incorrect result when date is in the past
* batchTriggerAcquisitionMaxCount acquires one trigger unless batchTriggerAcquisitionFireAheadTimeWindow is also set
* Oracle ODP Managed provider should set BindByName to true for OracleCommands
Release 2.2, Sept 9, 2013
This release contains important bug fixes, new functionality and minor breaking changes.
Please examine and run the database\schema_20_to_22_upgrade.sql script if you are using AdoJobStore
* this script adds a new column SCHED_TIME to table QRTZ_FIRED_TRIGGERS
* file contains the alter command for SQL Server and other database samples in comments
* database schema needs upgrade
* add SchedulerStarting() method to ISchedulerListener interface
* make the scheduler's TypeLoadHelper available to plugins when they are initialized
* dbFailureRetryInterval parameter was removed from DirectSchedulerFactory APIs
* ability to override worker thread names (when using SimpleThreadPool)
* add new IScheduler method: ScheduleJob(IJobDetail job, ISet trigger) to schedule multiple triggers for a job all at once
* allow 'triggerless' initial storing of non-durable jobs.
* improvements for job recovery information
* package job_scheduling_data_2_0.xsd to nuget package's content folder
* allow scheduler exported with remoting to be used from local machine only
* support for Oracle managed ODP driver
* job ending with exception and trigger not going to fire again, trigger is incorrectly not removed from job store
* XML schema supports multiple schedule elements but processor does not
* DailyTimeIntervalTriggerPersistenceDelegate does not handle empty time interval properly
* DailyTimeIntervalScheduleBuilder.EndingDailyAfterCount(...) doesn't pass validation
* trace throwing exception
* bug in QuartzSchedulerThread.GetRandomizedIdleWaitTime()
* can't delete or replace job without the referenced class
* Performance improvements, including improvements to some select statements in AdoJobStore
Thanks to our vibrant community actively helping on mailing list and reportings issues and creating pull requests.
Release 2.1.2, Jan 13, 2013
This is a maintenance release that fixes .NET 4.5 requirement for 4.0 DLLs caused by ilmerge process
Release 2.1.1, Jan 5, 2013
This is a maintenance release that adds strong naming back to Quartz.NET assemblies.
Release 2.1, Dec 31, 2012
This release contains important bug fixes, new functionality and minor breaking changes.
Custom IJobFactory implementations now need to implement new method void ReturnJob(IJob job) for container managed cleanup.
NthIncludedDayTrigger was removed as it was accidentally left behind even though being legacy and replaced by DailyTimeIntervalTrigger.
* TimeZone support for calendars / Andrew Smith
* Allow scheduling relative to replaced trigger with XML configuration
* Add method to IJobFactory to destroy a job instance created by the factory breaking / minor breaking, added new required method
* Internalize C5 dependency
* Support for Oracle ODP 11.2 Release 4
* Upgrade SQLite dependency to version 1.0.83
* Upgrade to Common.Logging 2.1.2
* Scheduled Shutdown blocked even if waitForJobsToComplete is false
* DailyTimeIntervalTriggerImpl should be serializable
* InstanceID = "AUTO" may cause "String or binary data would be truncated" error on qrtz_fired_triggers.entry_id
* PlugInExample doesn't execute any jobs
* Recovering triggers have empty/incorrect JobDataMap
* Make Quartz.NET work under medium trust when running .NET 3.5
* tables_oracle.sql uses deprecated VARCHAR type
* Improve error reporting for database connection failure
* Scheduler Shutdown Freezes when There are Jobs Still Running
* Use System.Version instead of FileVersionInfo to retive current Quartz version
* DailyTimeIntervalTriggerImpl Validate broken
* Remove NthIncludedDayTrigger that was supposed to be removed in 2.0 breaking
* Remove Visual Studio 2008 solutions and projects breaking
* Add support for DateTimeOffset and TimeSpan to JobDataMap / minor breaking - cleanup of API
Special thanks to Andrew Smith for working hard on TimeZone support.
Credits go also to our vibrant community actively helping on mailing list and reportings issues and creating pull requests.
Release 2.0.1, Apr 22, 2012
This release contains some bug fixes.
* Oracle database support broken
* Incorrect .NET 4.5 requirement in 4.0 build (only NuGet affected)
* XML validation fails as schema not embedded (only NuGet affected)
* ObjectUtils.SetPropertyValue fails with explicitly implemented interface members
Release 2.0, Apr 9, 2012
This release contains some bug fixes.
* DateBuilder now uses the UTC offset that is active for the date constructed (earlier it was always offset of DateOffset.Now)
* Possible bug with triggers left/stuck in ACQUIRED state (QTZ-179)
* More checks to CalendarIntevalTrigger for daylight savings
Release 2.0 beta 2, Dec 31, 2011
This release contains some bug fixes and some compile time breaking changes.
BREAKING CHANGES (since 2.0 beta 1)
* DateBuilder TranslateTime method was removed as it's better done with TimeZoneInfo's ConvertTime
* DateBuilder.IntervalUnit enumeration was replaced by usage of generic IntervalUnit enumeration in root namespace
* DateBuilder now creates all dates in local time zone by default
* ICommandAccessor was renamed IDbAccessor, this interface should normally not be used from client code
* DailyTimeIntervalTrigger was changed to correctly assume start and end times are UTC times (calculation is based on local time)
* DailyTimeIntervalTrigger properties StartTimeOfDayUtc and EndTimeOfDayUtc were renamed to StartTimeOfDay and EndTimeOfDay as they are local times without UTC notion
* DailyTimeIntervalTriggerPersistenceDelegate does not store weekdays in correct format
* DisallowConcurrentExecution decorated triggers not being updated after TriggerCompleted
* DailyTimeIntervalTrigger does not work as expected
* ADO.NET job store: force UTC ticks when storing datetimes
Release 2.0 beta 1, October 2, 2011
* .NET 1.1 and 2.0 support is dropped
* Quartz.NET now needs .NET version 3.5 SP1 or later to run due to use of new language features and classes
* Many public interface methods have changed from returning arrays to generic IList or ISet interfaces
* TriggerBuilder implementations and JobBuilder should now be used to create different job and trigger definitions
* Introduced IJobDetail, IContrigger, ISimpleTrigger, ICalendarIntervalTrigger have far less members and especially mutators
* When C5 collections were introduced as set-based implementation provider, ISet and ISortedSet interfaces were narrowed (IList inheritance removed)
* string triggerName, string triggerGroup are now encapsulated in TriggerKey (has the same fields)
* string jobName, string jobGroup are now encapsulated in JobKey (has the same fields)
* JobInitializationPlugin is now deprecated in favor of XMLSchedulingDataProcessorPlugin, JobInitializationPlugin no longer included
* Microsoft's Oracle drivers are no longer supported, use 10g or 11g ODP.NET drivers
* Database schema has changed, you need to convert your 1.x schema to new version, sample migration script available in database folder
* XMLSchedulingDataProcessorPlugin uses new XML format that allows more control over triggers but no support for calendars
* There are extension methods for the new trigger builder that allow you to set trigger specifics
* Client Profile is now supported and there are separate DLLs for client profile
* PropertySettingJobFactory is now the default JobFactory
Release 1.0.3, Aug 22, 2010
* [QRTZNET-190] - Most outstanding misfired trigger should be first to be updated
* [QRTZNET-192] - Trigger Listeners Having Misfire Handler Called Twice
* [QRTZNET-194] - Select Trigger method for Cron Triggers does not set the Priority property
* [QRTZNET-217] - Triggers fail to obey millisecond precision when setting start time
* [QRTZNET-219] - PostgreSQL database scripts should create database indexes
* [QRTZNET-220] - CronExpression should check that the 'L' field's value is between 1 and 7
Release 1.0.2, Dec 12, 2009
* [QRTZNET-163] - quartz.jobStore.clustered mentioned wrongly as quartz.jobStore.isClustered
* [QRTZNET-169] - OracleDelegate uses invalid keyword 'rowcount' instead of correct 'rownum'
* [QRTZNET-174] - Rollback on a closed connection in JobStoreSupport.DoCheckin
* [QRTZNET-175] - Race condition in SimpleThreadPool
* [QRTZNET-176] - LW in cron-expression (last weekday of month) flagged as invalid by job_scheduling_data.xsd
* [QRTZNET-180] - Possible hang in SimpleThreadPool.Shutdown(true)
* [QRTZNET-181] - Quartz Fills up log file when database connection goes down
* [QRTZNET-188] - AdoJobStore cannot delete jobs if job type cannot be loaded
* [QRTZNET-165] - in QuartzServer the 'scheduler' field is defined as private - that makes inheriting the QuartzServer class problematic
* [QRTZNET-173] - Convenience Constructors for JobDetail and Trigger Classes
* [QRTZNET-178] - Please keep the generic job.xml in the download package for all tags that we can use
Release 1.0.1, May 16, 2009
* [QRTZNET-145] - NthIncludedDayTrigger.ComputeFirstFireTimeUtc fails if no start time given
* [QRTZNET-149] - CronExpression.GetTimeAfter(DateTime afterTimeUtc) does not account for day increment over days in month
* [QRTZNET-150] - LoggingTriggerHistoryPlugin.TriggerMisfired writes incorrect message
* [QRTZNET-151] - XML configuration fails with jobs that have no triggers
* [QRTZNET-152] - Nearest weekday 'W' expression does not work correctly in CronTrigger
* [QRTZNET-153] - JobInitializationPlugin overwrite-existing-jobs parameter ignored
* [QRTZNET-155] - JobSchedulingDataProcessor does not set Trigger description
* [QRTZNET-156] - JobDetail.RemoveJobListener throws InvalidCastException
* [QRTZNET-157] - JobDetail.Equals(object) is implemented wrong
* [QRTZNET-159] - Records in QRTZ_TRIGGER_LISTENERS table are deleted when trigger is paused and resumed
* [QRTZNET-160] - AcquireNextTrigger executing on managed Tx Connection when using JobStoreCMT and configured not to acquire triggers within lock
* [QRTZNET-161] - TimeZoneInfo's StandardName is incorrectly saved to database instead of Id
* [QRTZNET-142] - Xml Configuration support for Trigger Listeners
* [QRTZNET-144] - Locking around AcquireNextTrigger no longer necessary for AdoJobStore
* [QRTZNET-146] - Introduce result limiting ADO.NET delegates for better performance
* [QRTZNET-154] - Support for setting the working directory in NativeJob
New Feature
* [QRTZNET-148] - Add SQL Server Compact Edition support for AdoJobStore
Release 1.0, Nov 6, 2008
* [QRTZNET-125] - TimeZones are not handled correctly when reading XML job configuration
* [QRTZNET-127] - CronExpression does not handle custom TimeZone correctly in GetTimeAfter in 2.0 build
* [QRTZNET-128] - RemoteScheduler does not delegate IsJobGroupPaused and IsTriggerGroupPaused to remote scheduler
* [QRTZNET-131] - NthIncludeDayTrigger doesn't utilize custom TimeZone correctly
* [QRTZNET-132] - NullReferenceException when computing next fire time for misfired triggers
* [QRTZNET-133] - SimpleThreadPool.CreateWorkerThreads does not respect threadCount parameter value
* [QRTZNET-136] - NativeJob is broken
* [QRTZNET-126] - Apply AllowPartiallyTrustedCallersAttribute to DLL
New Feature
* [QRTZNET-129] - Support for connectionStrings section in App.config
* [QRTZNET-134] - New pool implementation -- ZeroSizeThreadPool
* [QRTZNET-135] - Support job-data-map for triggers in XML
Release 1.0 RC 3, Sep 6, 2008
* [QRTZNET-91] - JobSchedulingDataProcessor does not handle job listeners from XML correctly
* [QRTZNET-115] - AnnualCalendar isDayExcluded doesn't take the basecalendar into account
* [QRTZNET-116] - Error saving recovery trigger during cluster recovery for volatile jobs
* [QRTZNET-117] - CronTrigger may return a firing time not included in the calender
* [QRTZNET-118] - TimeZone setting lost when CronExpressionString is set
* [QRTZNET-119] - Port Java Quartz's threading fixes that help with multi-core machines
* [QRTZNET-121] - Remoting Scheduler - re-start scheduler throws remoting binding error.
* [QRTZNET-122] - Triggering a job remotely often does not fire the job
* [QRTZNET-123] - QuartzSchedulerThread Log property is null.
* [QRTZNET-124] - SendMailJob throws a NullReferenceException
* [QRTZNET-113] - Include server source in distribution
Release 1.0 RC 2, Aug 6, 2008
* [QRTZNET-114] - Express intervals and durations using TimeSpan instead of ints and longs
Breaking changes:
* Public API has changed with the introduction of TimeSpan usage,
changes should show only as compile time errors and should be easily
Release 1.0 RC 1, July 28, 2008
* [QRTZNET-91] - JobSchedulingDataProcessor does not handle job listeners from XML correctly
* [QRTZNET-93] - AdoJobStore calendar update fails because of an already open DataReader
* [QRTZNET-94] - Schema does not properly represent itself
* [QRTZNET-96] - Relative path names for xml configuration are not working under ASP.NET
* [QRTZNET-97] - QuartzSchedulerThread stops processing jobs if computer clock is advanced more than 248 days
* [QRTZNET-99] - The query SelectNextTriggerToAcquire is incorrect for certain SQL servers
* [QRTZNET-101] - RAMJobStore.TriggerFired() fails to return null in some cases
* [QRTZNET-102] - NthIncludedDayTrigger shouldn't use fixed start day of week Sunday
* [QRTZNET-103] - Deadlock in RAMJobStore
* [QRTZNET-105] - CronExpression fails if nth weekday of month is used and expression passes year
* [QRTZNET-107] - SimpleTrigger.ComputeFirstFireTime() method can get into infinite loop
* [QRTZNET-110] - Scheduling change causes a paused/blocked scheduler to do unnecessary trigger release
* [QRTZNET-90] - Allow XML configuration to inherit trigger's job name and job group from containing job definition
* [QRTZNET-92] - PreviousFireTime should be change to PreviousFireTimeUtc in JobExecutionContext
* [QRTZNET-106] - Add complete common logging libraries to distribution, offer log4net as server example
* [QRTZNET-109] - Update database scripts default column sizes to be reasonable for more applications
New Feature
* [QRTZNET-40] - Quartz server for running jobs
* [QRTZNET-98] - Introduce mechanism for delaying the start-up of the scheduler
* [QRTZNET-108] - Support for reading configuration from properties file
* [QRTZNET-74] - Add SQLite database script to distribution
* [QRTZNET-76] - Update assembly version numbers to current builds in
* [QRTZNET-100] - Make SetTimeRange() methods public in DailyCalendar
* [QRTZNET-111] - Change to quartz.config for safer usage in ASP.NET applications
Release 0.9.1, January 20, 2008
* [QRTZNET-68] - XML configuration example's XML does not conform to schema
* [QRTZNET-73] - ComputeFirstFireTimeUtc fails when GetFireTimeAfter returns null
* [QRTZNET-80] - MonthlyCalendar GetNextIncludedTime: infinite loop if included date > 7
* [QRTZNET-81] - TriggerListenerSupport's methods should be virtual
* [QRTZNET-83] - CronExample outputs next scheduled fire times misleadingly in UTC format
* [QRTZNET-84] - Quartz's exceptions are not properly serializable when using remoting
* [QRTZNET-85] - Cron expression fails when month is incorrectly incremented to 13
* [QRTZNET-86] - StdAdoDelegate works incorrectly when Trigger is not found from database
* [QRTZNET-72] - DailyCalendar's parameter names should contain Utc in them
* [QRTZNET-75] - Remoting should initialize life time service to forever by default
* [QRTZNET-77] - Allow TypeFilterLevel configuration for RemotingExporter and default to Full
* [QRTZNET-79] - JobDataMap GetIntValue returns long
* [QRTZNET-82] - Xml Job plugin doesn't need write access to schedule file
Release 0.9, December 1, 2007
* [QRTZNET-45] - TriggerUtils.GetEvenMinuteDate Bug
* [QRTZNET-48] - JobExecutionContext.ToString() Bug
* [QRTZNET-50] - CronExpression and CronTrigger fail when date passes year boundary
* [QRTZNET-53] - log format message strings in logging history plugin listeners
* [QRTZNET-58] - Scheduler thread daemon information is not passed to scheduler correctly
* [QRTZNET-65] - Bug in XmlDataProcessor end time and start time handling & filescanjob last modified date storing
* [QRTZNET-36] - Add set accessor to Trigger.TriggerListenerNames
* [QRTZNET-38] - Replace NullableDateTime with DateTime? in 2.0 build
* [QRTZNET-41] - Add extra configuration examples as part of the distribution
* [QRTZNET-43] - Refacftory misfire instructions outside implementation classes
* [QRTZNET-46] - Change time handling to work internally on UTC times only
* [QRTZNET-52] - Allow default SimpleThreadPool initialization if StdSchedulerFactory isn't fed thread pool properties
* [QRTZNET-54] - RemoteScheduler
* [QRTZNET-55] - Add strong naming to Quartz.NET assembly
* [QRTZNET-57] - Better error reporting when problems with database initialization
* [QRTZNET-62] - Better exception reporting when Quartz is unable to load database driver
* [QRTZNET-64] - Make all Trigger members virtual
* [QRTZNET-66] - Clean up NAnt build script
New Feature
* [QRTZNET-2] - XML configuration support
* [QRTZNET-32] - Allow inherited trigger implementations to be saved as non-blobs when applicable
* [QRTZNET-39] - Remotable scheduler support
* [QRTZNET-40] - Quartz server console for running jobs
* [QRTZNET-42] - Add support for building with Mono
* [QRTZNET-67] - Support for Firebird database
* [QRTZNET-49] - useProperties configuration does not work as expected
* [QRTZNET-56] - Upgrade Common.Logging to 1.2.0
* [QRTZNET-60] - Go through web documentation and check for errors
Breaking changes:
* Quartz.NET now uses internally UTC times only
* Misfire instructions are now encapsulated in MisfirePolicy
* Constants are CamelCase instead of ALL_UPPER_CASE
Release 0.6, August 4, 2007
* [QRTZNET-18] - JobDataMap cannot convert Int32 values correctly from string representation
* [QRTZNET-20] - CronExpression fails when minute is incremented to 60
* [QRTZNET-21] - DailyCalendar.GetTimeRangeEndingTime reports starting time instead of ending time
* [QRTZNET-24] - AnnualCalendar.SetDayExcluded(d, false) does not work
* [QRTZNET-25] - StringKeyDirtyFlagMap lacks Put(string, int)
* [QRTZNET-27] - RamJobStore.StoreTrigger incorrectly removes JobDetail when replacing trigger
* [QRTZNET-28] - CronTrigger: Hour, Minute, and Second parameters describe an un-representable DateTime
* [QRTZNET-29] - RAMJobStore.RemoveCalendar fails when triggers are present
* [QRTZNET-31] - CronExpression GetTimeAfter() fails with System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException
* [QRTZNET-7] - Load balanced database support
* [QRTZNET-22] - CronExpression should all extra white space from expression
* [QRTZNET-23] - IScheduler.SchedulerJob should throw always exception if trigger's calendar cannot be found
* [QRTZNET-26] - Change trigger instructions and states to enum values
* [QRTZNET-33] - Remove confusing Durability and Volatility properties from JobDetail
New Feature
* [QRTZNET-3] - AdoJobStore support
* [QRTZNET-16] - Quartz default properties should be read from embedded resource inside the assembly
* [QRTZNET-17] - CronTrigger misfire instruction constants should be made public
* [QRTZNET-30] - Upgrade Common.Logging libraries to 1.1
* [QRTZNET-34] - Rename Schedulder_Fields class to more describing SchedulerConstants
* [QRTZNET-35] - Change Quartz initialization properties to use "type" instead of "class" to be more .NET like
Breaking changes:
* Quartz.NET initialization property keys now use "*.type" instead of "*.class", you need to update configuration
or if you are fine with defaults you can also ditch configuration from app.config (see QRTZNET-16)
* Trigger instructions and states are now enum values instead of old class constants
* There's no longer properties named Durablity or Volatility, only Durable and Volatile (JobDetail & Trigger)
* Class Scheduler_Fields was renamed to SchedulerConstants
Special thanks for Drew Burlingame for string concatenation and TreeSet performance patches
and Anton Dvinskiy for hunting down bugs, finding good places to refactor and patches
for Quartz and its tests.
Release 0.5, June 17, 2007
* [QRTZNET-13] - CronExpressions don't handle time shift from 24th hour correctly
* [QRTZNET-14] - CronExpression does not handle weekdays correctly
* [QRTZNET-10] - Bring unit tests from Java side
* [QRTZNET-1] - Merge changes between 1.5.1 and 1.5.2
* [QRTZNET-12] - Fix API documentation, wrong usage of <code> tags makes MSDN doc look terrible
* [QRTZNET-15] - Bring changes from Quartz 1.6 to .NET side
Work around the code base to make it cleaner and more .NET like.
Special thanks to Radoslav Radivojevic for hunting CronExpression bugs.
Release 0.4.1, March 24, 2007
Summary: Bug fix release
* [QRTZNET-8] - CronExpression problems
Tutorial created, available on the web page.
Special thanks to Sebastian Fialka for sending Quartz.NET first patch! (QRTZNET-8)
Release 0.4, March 4, 2007
Summary: Initial release