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API not matching documentation #49

snebjorn opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Hi, I'm new to Quartz. It came highly recommend from around the web so I thought I'd give it a go.

But as a newcomer to this API I find it hard to use the fine tutorials on the main site ( because they don't work.

I'm a bit puzzled as to why the refactor of JobDetail to JobDetailImpl was done. I wasn't in the slightest in doubt that JobDetail was the concrete implementation of IJobDetail. As goes for all the others.

Also there seem to be missing functions in the TriggerUtils class.
I only have:

  • ComputeEndTimeToAllowParticularNumberOfFirings
  • ComputeFireTimes
  • ComputeFireTimesBetween

But the tutorial uses stuff like:
Trigger trigger = TriggerUtils.MakeHourlyTrigger();

To make things worse Trigger doesn't even exists nor does TriggerImpl.

Please make this user friendly, again - it would seem :(


I second this request :+1:


I third it. If you need a tutorial however, look at the examples in the Quartz.Examples.2010 project included with the source.


Both the following method are missing too:

Not very professional if you ask me...


the documentation is a lil out of date, the main change is the way jobs are scheduled. You can check out this here or here for the new api.


I'm pleased to announce that Quartz.NET's web site has been
successfully migrated to GitHub Pages. It should be now easier for
community contribute fixes and enhancements.

The tutorial is (finally) updated to include 2.x changes:

Site is written in Markdown and can be updated with pull requests via GitHub:

I've created redirects from old site and
hopefully there should not be any dead links. Please give feedback on
any issues you find!

I'm still in the process of updating documentation. Next step will be
converting Java Quartz's cookbook and configuration reference.

@lahma lahma closed this

Very good Job! Thanks a lot!

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