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jvavasseur and lahma Update tables_sqlServer.sql (#787)
Usage of deprecated views:
 - dbo.sysobjects is deprecated since SQL Server 2008 and newer view added in SQL Server 2005 such as sys.objects, sys.tables or sys.foreign_keys should be used (see reference)
 - All If EXISTS line now use either syntax
    * If EXISTS(…) queries have been replaced when only object_id is being used by a simpler syntax using OBJECT_ID(N’name’, N’type’) IS NOT NULL
    * When other columns are need, view in sys schema are used (sys.foreign_keys)
 - Note that using function such as OBJECT_ID() simplify and shorten the queries but it may require temporary lock  on system tables while reading them

 - They have been converted to lower case (UPPERCASE is used only for Transact-SQL keywords, see references)
 - Brackets have been remove
 - They have been standardise (integer => int)

 - Add semicolon (Transact-SQL statement terminator). Although the semicolon is not required for most statements in this version of SQL Server, it will be required in a future version. (see references)

Missing brackets:
 - Missing brackets around some object names have been added in order to standardise the whole script

 - Transact-SQL Syntax Conventions =
 - sys.sysobjects =
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tables_firebird.sql closes #136 persist DailyTimeIntervalTrigger's time zone Jul 24, 2017
tables_mysql_innodb.sql closes #314 add example of MySQL's UTF-8 create database Jul 24, 2017
tables_oracle.sql fixes #598 tables_oracle.sql should use NUMBER(19) for long properties Feb 28, 2018
tables_sqlServer.sql Update tables_sqlServer.sql (#787) Aug 31, 2019
tables_sqlServerMOT.sql some cleanup and add tests / docker-compose setup Oct 8, 2017
tables_sqlite.sql closes #136 persist DailyTimeIntervalTrigger's time zone Jul 24, 2017
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