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Quasar Framework Roadmap

Where will Quasar be in one year, five years or ten years? It's up to you, the developers using Quasar.

You, the community, are Quasar. We listen to your opinions and your needs. Which is why we encourage you to directly contact us on Discord or submit Feature Requests. We carefully ponder on all the ideas and we decide along with the community what are the next steps to be taken.


If you want to speed up the development of Quasar please consider donating to the project. With proper funding, it allows more of the team to work on the project in a much more dedicated manner.

Donations -

If you're in a company and using Quasar for commercial projects, explain to your management the importance of monthly donations (eg. $200+) for open source projects: you're the one using it every day and this makes you the best suited person to convince them. Be creative! :)

Quasar is saving your company tens of thousands of development hours (quite literally), which in turn is a pretty high money savings. Consider giving back a part of those savings to refuel the project itself ;)

Support policy and schedule

All major releases are typically supported for at least 12 months. LTS support ends 12 months after the release of a new major version.

Version Status Released Active support ends LTS support ends
2.x Active 2021-06-21 Not planned yet Not planned yet
1.x Inactive 2019-03-07 2021-04-01 2023-06-30

Quasar v0.x versions are no longer supported.

Major milestones

We are updating this section constantly in order to keep you up to date with our current (and new!) efforts.

The schedule may change based on unforeseen and/or out of the ordinary circumstances.


  • 🚧 (WIP) Gradually add more automated tests to Quasar UI. We're searching for contributors, get in touch with the team on our Discord server if you're willing to help!

Q2 2024

  • CLI Auto-routing
  • Release of the new major version of @quasar/app-vite
  • Release of the new major version of @quasar/app-webpack
  • Rewrite Quasar UI automation testing (switching to vitest included)
  • Rewrite internal build system for Quasar UI itself (q/app work included)

Q3 2024


Q1 2024

  • New @quasar/app-vite major version -- beta release
  • New @quasar/app-webpack major version -- beta release

Q2-4 2023

  • Support Capacitor 4 and related bugfixes (#14226)
  • Add Quasar entry in Vite ecosystem CI
  • June 30th 2023 marks the end of life for Quasar v1. It will no longer receive updates. (postponed for the second time, previously reported EOL was 31th of December 2022)

Q1 2023

  • Release new Quasar website
  • Porting Quasar packages to ESM
  • Support Vite 3 and 4 in @quasar/app-vite (#14077) (already supported via workaround)
  • Publish official Quasar Organizational chart
  • More triaging automation (quasarframework/rfcs#10)
  • Website update community survey

Q4 2022

  • ✌️ (DONE) New Quasar website preview 🔥
  • ✌️ (DONE) Refactor & enhance QPagination #14609
  • ✌️ (DONE) Improve a11y for Quasar components #14609
  • ✌️ (DONE) Support Cypress 10/11/12 into Quasar Cypress AE, check it out
  • ✌️ (DONE) Support Vite 4 in @quasar/vite-plugin #15125

Q3 2022

  • ✌️ (DONE) Quasar.Conf 2022 - 9th of July - Watch
  • ✌️ (DONE) Quasar v2 TypeScript projects created with Quasar CLI will have all files spawned in .ts format instead of .js for all Quasar modes (modes had templates only in .js form by default) (#8572)
  • ✌️ (DONE) Support PNPM #13615
  • 🚫 (BLOCKED, workaround provided) Allow to save starter kit options as JSON profiles (#5537)
  • ✌️ (DONE) Add Vitest integration via Quasar Vitest AE, check it out

Q2 2022

  • ✌️ (DONE) Stable release of the new CLI based on Vite.js
  • ✌️ (DONE) Support Google Material Symbols (#13437)
  • ✌️ (DONE) Run automatic tests on Quasar UI via GitHub Actions for every PR #13432
  • ✌️ (DONE) Video tutorials for all Quasar components. Subscribe at QuasarCast to be notified when first-party advanced Quasar paid courses will be available

Q1 2022

  • ✌️ (DONE) First beta of a new CLI for Quasar based on Vite.js instead of Webpack (will have its own life along with the current Webpack-based CLI)
  • ✌️ (DONE) Fix intellisense problem for packages provided by @quasar/app (#9235)
  • ✌️ (DONE) Add automatic tests to Quasar UI (#12047)
  • ✌️ (DONE) Support Pinia out-of-the-box (#12707)

Q4 2021

Q3 2021

Q2 2021

  • ✌️ (DONE) Upgrade the App CLI for Quasar v2 to Webpack v5 (reference)
  • ✌️ (DONE) Quasar v2 will become officially the "latest" version of Quasar. The documentation website ( will point to v2 and the v1 docs will live under The end of life for Quasar v1 will be March 2022 and we will keep on backporting fixes and new features from v2 to it until then.