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@rstoenescu rstoenescu released this Aug 27, 2019 · 200 commits to dev since this release


  • New component: QVirtualScroll which includes two modes: lists and tables
  • feat(quasar): Prevent scroll on all platforms (including iOS overflow)
  • perf: Improved performance for QDialog/QMenu/QTooltip which use Quasar Portal (which has been refactored)
  • feat(QSlider/QRange): New label text color props #4980
  • feat(ui): Add mdi-v4 icon set #4955
  • feat(QSelect): Add before-options and after-options slots (#4958)
  • feat(QPopupEdit): pass positional arguments to QMenu #4916
  • feat(QImg): New Boolean prop (no-default-spinner) #4912
  • feat(QSelect): lots of enhancements regarding iOS support (including for Cordova)
  • feat(QPage): Improve initial size on SSR
  • feat(QHeader/QFooter): New prop for header/footer: "height-hint" which helps SSR's initial render
  • feat(ClosePopup/QMenu): Improve handling & perfomance; add "separate-close-popup" prop to QMenu
  • feat(Loading/Notify): "ignoreDefaults" prop #4772
  • feat(quasar): Enhance QDialog and QSelect transition processing (#4847)
  • feat(ui): add support for fontawesome-v5-pro duotone class (fad)
  • feat(QPopupEdit): make the default slot scoped to allow more flexibility in custom component
  • feat(quasar): Improve model handling for model-mixin
  • feat(QInput): Allow mask to work on numeric values
  • feat(QSelect): Add behavior prop to force options list display as menu or dialog
  • feat(QRating): Allow different icons when selected and different icons for each value
  • feat(QSelect): make fillInput fill the inputValue on kdb navigation
  • feat(ui): Standard sizes (xs|sm|md|lg|xl) for "size" prop on QAvatar, QCircularProgress, QIcon, QKnob, QLinearProgress, QRating, QSpinner #4821
  • feat(quasar): Hide days not belonging to the current month in date picker #4760
  • feat(QInfiniteScroll): add debounce prop
  • feat(QForm): Get QForm's children in the order they are in document #4787
  • feat(quasar): Add justify-evenly to flex helper classes
  • feat(QTooltip): added aria role


  • Flex Playground
  • Improved design for API cards
  • App Extension > "Tips & Tricks" (new category)


  • fix(QDrawer): Model is king (do not tamper with it ever); Various improvements #1970
  • Quasar Japanese language pack - QDate header title #4701 (#4966)
  • Fixed QBtnGroup with vertical separator #4947 (#4949)
  • fix(api): add missing props and methods to various components
  • fix(QResizeObserver): Correctly handle iOS destruction of the component #4870
  • fix(4877) Add missing type definitions (#4883)
  • fix(ie): Readjust styles for IE (#4887)
  • fix(model-toggle): Fix sequences of show-hide and fix defaultOpened (#4869)
  • fix(QDialog/QSelect): minimized dialog sizes, taking into account mobile browser (notch and without) + cordova (notch and without)
  • fix(QCheckbox/QRadio/QToggle): focus ring should be smaller for "dense" to allow to click on adjacent elements
  • fix(QItem/QExpansionItem): QItem and QExpansionItem RTL inset #4782
  • fix(QTabs): Underline not animating correctly when tab name is Integer 0 #4850
  • Fix small typo in Dutch language pack (#4848)
  • fix(api): Update transition description for QSelect
  • fix(api): Arg type for TouchHold
  • fix(quasar): Consistent apply of disabled/readonly attributes and cursor to field elements
  • fix(QField): Use label as outer tag for QField #4337
  • fix(quasar): Improve isNaN check in QInfiniteScroll and QPagination
  • fix(QTd): Column management #4826
  • fix(QTable): Fix expanded->expand in slot props, fix QTd's column find #4824
  • fix(QSlideTransition): Don't end transition when transitionend is emitted by inner elements #4731 #4811
  • fix(QScrollArea): Credit @lucaluca; Use consistent class name for mobile & desktop #2825
  • fix(QSelect): Cast non array values to array for innerValue #4807
  • fix(quasar): textToRgb incorrect use of Math.max #4770
  • fix(ie): Restrict QField's label width in IE
  • fix(QStepper): Use brand color in QStepper CSS
  • feat(api): Improve Screen plugin API description #4668
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