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@rstoenescu rstoenescu released this Feb 11, 2020 · 72 commits to dev since this release

The star features of this release are:

  • New component - QResponsive
  • Notify - Ability to register custom types; Out of the box types (positive, negative, warning, info); Grouping
  • QFab - Internal and external labels with position; Vertical actions alignment when internal labels are used; Square style; Ability to toggle labels dynamic, with animation; Ability to use unelevated button type
  • QCarousel - Vertical mode (affects swipe also); Ability to better customize the types of buttons of the controls (arrows, navigation); Navigation can now be positioned; Examples on using QCarousel with QScrollArea
  • Form components + QKnob + QRating + QColor - support for when submitting native forms through "name" prop; plays very nice with dotnet controllers for example; you will notice a new section in docs on each form component: "Native form submit"
  • Much improved Typescript support (more to come!) + better IDE autocompletion for quasar.conf.js and boot files
  • Lots of perf improvements, especially on all form components and on Notify


  • feat(Notify): new props - "type", "group", "badgeColor", "badgeTextColor", "badgeStyle", "badgeClass", "progress", "progressClass"
  • feat(Notify): new method - "registerType(type, typeOpts)"
  • feat(QResponsive): new component
  • feat(QFab): new props - "vertical-actions-align", "external-label", "label", "label-position", "hide-label", "label-style", "label-class", "square"
  • feat(QFabActions): new props - "anchor", "external-label", "label", "label-position", "hide-label", "label-style", "label-class", "square"
  • feat(QCarousel): new props - "vertical", "control-type", "control-text-color", "navigation-position"
  • Much better Typescript support #6293
  • feat(QScrollArea): Remove now obsolete prop "force-on-mobile" (it's on by default)
  • feat(QScrollArea): new prop - "dark"
  • feat+perf(ui/form): Improve compatibility with native form; various perf improvements; Applies to all form components and QColor, QKnob, QRating
  • feat(form components): New prop ("name") useful for native form processing #5963
  • feat(QTabPanels/QCarousel): Add vertical mode (affects swipe and default transition)
  • feat(ClickOutside): Only close on click when the mousedown was not inside the monitored element #5791
  • feat(QTable): middle part should extend to all available space; allows setting height/max-height directly on QTable
  • feat(QTime): Add defaultDate prop (defaults to current day) to fill the date part if not present #6279
  • feat: Passthrough all events for more components - QSlideItem, QCarousel, QChatMessage, QChip, QColor, QInfiniteScroll, QIntersection, QLayout, QNoSsr, QOptionGroup, QPageSticky, QPullToRefresh, QSeparator, QSkeleton, QSpace
  • feat(VirtualScroll): Recalculate displayed elements dimensions on reset/refresh (#6304)
  • feat(QImg): implements width and height params (#6308)
  • feat(QPageScroller): Add support for reverse scrolling #5561
  • feat(Notify): Insert left/center/right notifications in the middle with scale
  • perf(Notify): control re-renders and pre-compute more of the render props (but only once)
  • feat(QPopupEdit): Emit cancel event after the input one to allow changes #2682
  • feat(QBtn): Follow normal browser behavior when modifier keys are pressed #6315
  • feat(QPopupEdit): New Boolean prop -> auto-save which saves value when user clicks outside of the popup #2682 #6327
  • feat(QExpansionItem,QTree): Add after-show/hide events forwarded from QSlideTransition #5664
  • feat(QSelect): Autofocus when input is autofilled #6342


  • fix(VTouchPan): Emit on end even if isFirst (2 handler calls)
  • refactor(QSlider/QRange): remove obsolete CSS class on track
  • fix(QPopupProxy): Pass target prop to QMenu #6192
  • fix(ie): Hide indet checkbox SVG (does not support transform) and remove obsolete fix for QToggle #6329
  • feat(QExpansionItem/QInput): Trigger autogrow recalculation when QExpansionItem is expanded #3953
  • fix(QSelect): Make fillInput reactive #6336

Breaking changes

  • Small refinement for the default primary color (from #027BE3 to #1976D2)
  • Small change for QScrollArea - now works exactly the same on mobile as on desktop (so "force-on-mobile" prop was removed)
  • Removed $fab-margin sass/stylus variable
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