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Orange toolbox for spectral data analysis

This is an add-on for Orange3 for the analysis of spectral data.


To use this add-on, download and install the Quasar distribution of Orange, which comes with the Orange Spectroscopy add-on pre-installed.

Alternatively, you can install it into a pre-installed Orange data mining suite with the "Add-ons" dialog, which can be opened from the Options menu.


After the installation, the widgets from this add-on will appear in the toolbox under the section Spectroscopy.

For an introduction to this add-on, see the following YouTube channels:

For more, see the widget documentation:

For developers

If you would like to install from cloned git repository, run

pip install .

To register this add-on with Orange, but keep the code in the development directory (do not copy it to Python's site-packages directory), run

pip install -e .

Further details can be found in