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Add to Feedly Plus

Build Status

This Firefox extension allows you to add your favorite sites' feeds to Feedly. Add to Feedly Plus is able to handle multiple RSS feeds. Clicking on “Add to Feedly” button on the address bar opens menu with all feeds available on the current page. Add to Feedly Plus doesn't require much screen space.

Install it at

How to build the extension by yourself?

The folowing instruction was performed on Ubuntu 18.04 successfully:

  1. Make sure you're using correct version of Nodejs:

    node -v # Should be v11
  2. make sure you're using correct version of NPM:

    npm -v # Should be 6.7
  3. install dependencies:

    npm install
  4. start building process:

    npm run build
  5. resulting archive should be in the web-ext-artifacts directory:

    ls web-ext-artifacts # Should contain