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  1. quassel quassel Public

    Quassel IRC: Chat comfortably. Everywhere.

    C++ 703 229

  2. quassel-weblog quassel-weblog Public

    A lightweight Flask web app to view channel logs directly from a Quassel database

    Python 5

  3. quassel-site quassel-site Public

    Sources for the Quassel IRC website at

    Ruby 2 2

  4. quassel-i18n quassel-i18n Public

    Staging area for Quassel translations

    C++ 6

  5. quassel-build-env quassel-build-env Public

    This repository is the source for creating the docker image used to build Quassel in Travis CI.


  6. craft-blueprints-quassel craft-blueprints-quassel Public

    This repository holds the blueprint for building Quassel on Appveyor CI.

    Python 4


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