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Quassel IRC
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Quassel IRC - Release Notes

Please find the current release notes at <>.

On first run of the Quassel core, it will wait for a client to connect
and present a first-run wizard that will allow you to create the database
and one admin user for the core-side storage.

To add more users, run: `quasselcore --add-user`
To change the password of an existing user: `quasselcore --change-userpass=username`
The script is deprecated.

IRC is the preferred means of getting in touch with the developers.
The Quassel IRC Team can be contacted on Freenode/#quassel (or  We always welcome new users in our channels!

Our homepage is <>
The bugtracker can be found at <>
The dev team can be reached by email: <>

Thanks for reading,
~ The Quassel IRC Team
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