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Script used to fetch and prepare the template libraries for use with aquilon.

This can be run every so often as a cron job or manually for a specific release (or RC) e.g. --release 16.8.0 /var/quattor/cfg/plenary/template-library/

Each release is placed in a top level directory with the libraries underneath, this allows archetypes to switch releases using LOADPATH while preventing local modification of the libraries by users (as they are in the plenary rather than the git repository).

For example, 16.8.0 would appear as follows:

  ├── core/
  │   ├── components/
  │   ├── metaconfig/
  │   ├── pan/
  │   ├── quattor/
  ├── grid/
  │   ├── emi-2/
  │   ├── umd-3/
  ├── os/
  │   ├── el7.x-x86_64/
  │   ├── sl5.x-x86_64/
  │   ├── sl6.x-x86_64/
  ├── standard/
      ├── features/
      ├── filesystem/
      ├── glite/
      ├── hardware/
      ├── machine-types/
      ├── os/
      ├── personality/
      ├── repository/
      ├── security/
      ├── users/
      ├── xen/

Which can be used by setting (in archetype/base):

final variable QUATTOR_RELEASE = '16.8.0';

variable LOADPATH = prepend(SELF, format('template-library/%s/core', QUATTOR_RELEASE));
variable LOADPATH = prepend(SELF, format('template-library/%s/standard', QUATTOR_RELEASE))

The OS libraries can be used by setting (in the OS config e.g. os/sl/7x-x86_64/config):

variable LOADPATH = append(SELF, format('template-library/%s/os/el7.x-x86_64', QUATTOR_RELEASE));

The grid library (when needed) can be used by setting:

variable LOADPATH = prepend(SELF, format('template-library/%s/grid/%s', QUATTOR_RELEASE, GRID_MIDDLEWARE_RELEASE));