Template library for configuring OS
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Template library for configuring OS.

This repository contains one branch for each OS version. OS versions with '-spma' suffix are intended for deployment by SPMA-based ncm-spma. Those without the suffix are intended to be deployed with the YUM-based ncm-spma (v3 and later).

This branch, sl6.x, delivers templates that can be used to deploy any RHEL/CENTOS/SL6 version. When using other parts of the template library, to use these templates you need to define the following variable:

variable OS_FLAVOUR_ENABLED ?= true;

You also need to define the actual OS version to deploy using variable OS_VERSION, as with previous generation of OS templates.

In addition if you use YUM snapshot (you should!), you probably want to define the following variables, changing the values to what is appropriate for your site (see http://quattor.github.com//documentation/2014/03/24/spma-yum-migration.html):

variable YUM_SNAPSHOT_DATE ?= '20140304';
variable AII_OSINSTALL_ROOT = '/yum/snapshots/'+YUM_SNAPSHOT_DATE;

OS base configuration now includes by default network configuration, using the standard network configuration implemented by os/network/config from template-library-standard. To disable this standard network configuration, define variable OS_BASE_CONFIGURE_NETWORK to false. Note that in this case, you must provide the network configuration as part of the site-specific configuration.