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Toppmart Website

A Flask, SQLAlchemy and AngularJS app to collect stats about ToppMart with live updates. See it live.


pip install flask
pip install Flask-SQLAlchemy
pip install gunicorn

Make sure you generate your sqlite3 database file using db.create_all in the app context.

Production mode

Deployment is done using gunicorn with SSL support

export FLASK_APP=app/
export FLASK_ENV=production
cd app
gunicorn -w 4 -b app:app --certfile=fullchain.pem --keyfile=privkey.pem --daemon

Then navigate to localhost in your browser.

To enable port 80, do it manually by running gunicorn -b app:app --daemon (llHttpRequest needs this because https:// redirects invalidate all POST requests).

How it works

Data is sent to the server through a POST request from Second Life to the /sim/dump endpoint. Data is formatted as a colon separated list of player names with their positions (ex. user1,x,y:user2,x,y:user3,x,y).

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