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An arcade game where you play an egg in a world with anti-gravity. The game is written in C using SDL and SDL_Image.

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Hi together, this will be 'falling', a simple arcade game, the story goes something like this:

"You could have a crazy story, where earth gravity has broken or is being 'stolen' by evil Mrs. Prof. Baconetta and things fall from the ground upside down, while you float mid-air (maybe you have a anti-gravitational pack, because your bird was well prepared for this attack by Doctor Cornflakes) and have to evade the stuff that flies up, and over time the 'upward falling speed' increases because Mrs. Prof. Baconetta becomes restless." (qubodup, with fixed typo)

The state of the game is 'short playable concept' now. Not sure, if i will put more efforts into it. The application is written in C using SDL and SDL_Image. I'm using this to learn C at the moment, so the source code might look like a mess. You can build it under linux using '', if the folder 'falling' is in your home directory.

It should compile on all platforms supporting SDL, SDL_Image and the C standard libs.

You can grab the .svg files of most of the sprites from
For reading the license, open license.txt.

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