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loc is a modern FUDforum (2.8.1) skin, developed for the FreeGameDev forum

== Installation ==

Copy, softlink or just checkout the "loc" directory to the fudforum/thm/
directory. Add it in the administration/theme manager menu and make it
default. Then select the skin in your user's settings.

== Development hints ==

Use a browser with 'auto-reload' functionality, press "rebuild theme" in the
administration/theme manager and configure the page to reload every second.
Then enable auto-reloading in another window/tab. Now you can make changes
and see the effect close to real time.

WARNING: if you screw up something, it might be tthat there will only be an
error message in the "rebuild theme" window/tab, so check that view, if a
change you made doesn't appear in the forum view after reloading.

== About ==

The skin is based on FUDforum's default skin and licensed under GPLv2.

Development screenshots can be seen in