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OpenEmbedded tree for Architecture qb2 rootfs + kernel
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 === OpenEmbedded tree for Architecture qb2 rootfs + kernel ===

Archive directory overview:

  ./oe/bitbake                          	(Pre-built-i686 bitbake release 1.10.2)
  ./oe/psyco-dist                       	(Pre-built-i686 psyco release 1.6)
  ./oe/Python-2.6.6                     	(Pre-built-i686 Python release 2.6.6)
  ./oe/qb2                              		(Architecture-specific build+conf dir)
  ./oe/homeautomationeurope  (Quby OE resources, previously known as HAE)
  ./oe/openembedded                 (Generic OE resources)
  ./oe/sources                               (Download destination for source archives)
  ./README                           	       (Guess what...)

OE-prep-work: required software, read these:
  You don't need to download OpenEmbedded itself, it's included in this 
  release. This page will probably get you there the fastest:

Getting started:

  # go to a base dir somewhere:
  # - as a reqular user (not root!)
  # - with lotsa space (25GB should be enough)
  # - fast, preferably not a (slow) network mount
  # - with no symlinks above it
  # - try to keep it short: OE will add plenty of depth before you're done :P
  cd /opt
  # Clone repo
  # go to workdir
  cd oe/qb2
  # set PATH + BBPATH vars (note the separate '.')
  . ../
  # now we can get to work
  bitbake image-base-qb2
  # grab 144 cups of coffee, go for a manicure, mow the lawn, etc :)

After a lot of diskspace & CPU cycles this should yield:

  ls -l tmp/deploy/images/
  # qb2-base-rXX-YYYYMMDDHHIISS.rootfs.ubi.gz          ~ 12M
  # uImage-qb2-hae-2.6.36-rXX-hXX-YYYYMMDDHHIISS.bin   ~ 2M
  The sources dir should end up at ~ 2GB
  The qb2/tmp dir should end up at ~ 23GB

Known issues:

  - if Python says 'ImportError: No module named time', try 'ln -s lib.linux-i686-2.6 ../Python-2.6.6/build/lib.linux-x86_64-2.6'
  - to save some disk space usage try enabling 'INHERIT += "rm_work"' in qb2/conf/local.conf
  - if you have multiple cores, try modify 'BB_NUMBER_THREADS' in qb2/conf/local.conf
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