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Homebrew formulae


  • dnsmasq-fast-lookup.rb: A fork of the original lightweight DNS forwarder and DHCP server, featuring fast ipset/server/address lookups.
  • haproxy-libressl.rb: Reliable, high performance TCP/HTTP load balancer w/ LibreSSL.
  • nali.rb: A tool to display geolocation info of an IP (in Chinese) which could be used in pipelines as well. The geolocation data is from and converted into qqwry.dat format with this tool.

To get more info about a specific formula, run brew info QuChao/wats/<formula>.

How to Use

To install a formula, just brew install QuChao/wats/<formula>.

Or brew tap QuChao/wats and then brew install <formula>.

Or install via URL (which will not receive updates):

brew install<formula>.rb


brew help, man brew or check Homebrew's documentation.