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Python package for interacting with the Fortran QDYN library and tools. Its purpose is to:

  • generate config files and input data for QDYN
  • read data generated by QDYN routines
  • provide tools for debugging, testing, and documenting QDYN
  • wrap QDYN's "utility" programs like qdyn_prop_traj and qdyn_optimize
  • provide interoperability of QDYN with other optimal control and quantum packages like scipy.optimize, qutip and krotov.

The package is not a direct wrapper around QDYN that would allow to call QDYN Fortran routines from Python.

Development of QDYN-pylib happens on Github.

You can read the full documentation online.


To install the latest released version of QDYN-pylib, run this command in your terminal:

pip install qdyn

This is the preferred method to install QDYN-pylib, as it will always install the most recent stable release.

If you don't have pip installed, the Python installation guide, respectively the Python Packaging User Guide can guide you through the process.

To install the latest development version of QDYN-pylib from Github.

pip install git+


To use QDYN-pylib in a Python project:

import qdyn