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  • v fix vimeo display
  • v add captions/credits/titles/descriptions to media items
  • - disable comments
  • v better ckeditor button selection
  • v add editor role
  • - add administrator shortcuts
  • v add editor shortcuts
  • x look at media gallery modules
  • - add user 1 to editors
  • v Less CSS
  • v Panels
  • v Responsive base themes

Things we have to do post install

  • Disable comments ( as we can't run standard_install without it )
  • Enable monograph_permissions ( as running that during install causes a critical error )

To fork this repo (outside of Github)

  1. Clone the Monograph repo $ git clone demo-site $ cd demo-site
  2. Check the remotes

    $ git remote -v origin git:// (fetch) origin git:// (push)

  3. Rename the origin

    $ git remote rename origin upstream

  4. Create a new repo at Github
  5. Add origins for the new repo

    $ git remote add origin

  6. Check the new origins

    $ git remote -v origin (fetch) origin (push) upstream git:// (fetch) upstream git:// (push)

  7. Push up the new fork

    $ git push origin master

I had to make a couple of manual changes to .git/config

  1. Update [branch master]

    [branch "master"] remote = origin merge = refs/heads/master

  2. Correct the syntax for the monograph remove

    upstream (fetch) upstream (push)

Recreate monograph locally with upstream fork

`git clone ...` [ remote not monograph ] ./
`git add remote upstream git://`

Update upstream from a fork

$ git fetch origin -v && git fetch upstream -v && git merge upstream/master

Push updates to upstream

$ git push upstream

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