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 * Hummingbird: A small JavaScript app framework, at your service.
 * The basic idea is to separate concerns, providing the groundwork
 * for an extensible, easy-to-test application.
 *  - jQuery is used to abstract the underlying browser away.
 *  - 'library' is used to decouple jQuery from all other app code.
 *    This allows another library to be swapped in later with less
 *    pain.
 *  - 'widgets' is similarly used to decouple jQuery UI from all
 *    other code, by storing preconfigured UI effects.
 *  - 'events' is a very simple event dispatcher and registry.
 *  - 'container' manages lifecycle of page component modules.
 *  - 'sandbox' decouples page component modules from ALL other 
 *    APIs. While this seems crazy at first, it provides a dead
 *    simple way to test modules, since the only mock needed for
 *    testing is a mock sandbox.
 * This code written by Jared Hirsch over about a week's worth of
 * after-work evenings in June 2010. Not guaranteed to be IP-clean; 
 * don't build anything on top of it. Toward this end, the author 
 * reserves the rights to this code: read, enjoy--but don't use it.