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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Debug
Debug = False
# Imports
import sys, urllib
import xbmc, xbmcgui, xbmcplugin, xbmcaddon
from BeautifulSoup import SoupStrainer, BeautifulSoup as BS
__addon__ = xbmcaddon.Addon(id='')
__info__ = __addon__.getAddonInfo
__plugin__ = __info__('name')
__version__ = __info__('version')
__icon__ = __info__('icon')
URL = ''
RSS_URL = 'rss://'
# Main
class Main:
def __init__(self):
if ("action=categories" in sys.argv[2]):
elif ("action=sort" in sys.argv[2]):
def START(self):
if Debug: self.LOG('START')
folders = [{'title':"Editor's Picks", 'url':'rss://'},
{'title':'Most Popular', 'url':'rss://'},
{'title':'Most Recent', 'url':'rss://'},
{'title':'Categories', 'url':'%s?action=categories' % sys.argv[0]},
for i in folders:
self.addDirectoryItem(i['title'], i['url'])
xbmcplugin.endOfDirectory(int(sys.argv[1]), True)
def CATEGORIES(self):
if Debug: self.LOG('CATEGORIES')
html = urllib.urlopen(URL).read()
soup = BS(html, parseOnlyThese=SoupStrainer('ul', {'id':'header_main_menu'}))
for a in'a'):
title = a.string.replace('&', '&')
link = URL + a['href']
parameters = '%s?action=sort&url=%s' % (sys.argv[0], urllib.quote_plus(link))
self.addDirectoryItem(title, parameters)
xbmcplugin.endOfDirectory(int(sys.argv[1]), True)
def GET_SORT(self):
if Debug: self.LOG('GET_SORT')
html = urllib.urlopen(self.Arguments('url')).read()
soup = BS(html, parseOnlyThese=SoupStrainer('ul', {'class':'sortingMenu sortBlock'}))
for li in soup('li'):
title = li.a.string
link = RSS_URL + li.a['href'].split('?')[1].replace('&', '&')
self.addDirectoryItem(title, link)
xbmcplugin.endOfDirectory(int(sys.argv[1]), True)
def addDirectoryItem(self, title, link):
listitem = xbmcgui.ListItem(title, thumbnailImage=__icon__)
xbmcplugin.addDirectoryItem(int(sys.argv[1]), link, listitem, True)
def Arguments(self, arg):
Arguments = dict(part.split('=') for part in sys.argv[2][1:].split('&'))
return urllib.unquote_plus(Arguments[arg])
def LOG(self, description):
xbmc.log("[ADD-ON] '%s v%s': '%s'" % (__plugin__, __version__, description), xbmc.LOGNOTICE)
if __name__ == '__main__':
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