Ubuntu 14.04 box for doing R development.
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This is a simple (Ubuntu-based) box you can use as a ready-made solution to start developing with (or learning) R.

(I've created this in order to have a clean environment in which to work with R for the Coursera Data Science Specialization (https://www.coursera.org/specialization/jhudatascience/1).

In order to get a fully functional Ubuntu VM with some starting tools for you to work on R you (just) need to:

  • Download VirtualBox
  • Download Vagrant
  • Download (or git clone) this project and then run vagrant up in the directory where you downloaded it.

Once you start the process (vagrant up) it will probably take some time (maybe 20 to 30 mins) to download the image and all the dependencies.

Don't touch the VM until it looks like this:

VM Screenshot

Once it does, login using username/password = vagrant/vagrant.

In addition to the base Ubuntu (14.04 LTS) box, these are some things that get added:

  • XFCE Lightweight GUI
  • R (Version 3.X)
  • RStudio
  • Google Chrome Browser