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(in-package :mayu)
(defvar *log-pathname* #p"/tmp/cl-mayu.log")
(defvar *log-stream* nil)
;;(setf *log-stream* *standard-output*)
(defconstant +posix-epoch+ (encode-universal-time 0 0 0 1 1 1970 0))
(defun input-event-to-string (event)
(cffi:with-foreign-slots ((time type code value) event input_event)
(cffi:with-foreign-slots ((tv_sec tv_usec) time timeval)
(multiple-value-bind (sec min hour day month year)
(decode-universal-time (+ tv_sec +posix-epoch+))
(if (= type EV_KEY)
(format nil "~04,'0d/~02,'0d/~02,'0d ~02,'0d:~02,'0d:~02,'0d.~06,'0d ~a ~[release~;press~;repeat~]"
year month day hour min sec tv_usec
(key-code-to-symbol code)
(format nil "~04,'0d/~02,'0d/~02,'0d ~02,'0d:~02,'0d:~02,'0d.~06,'0d ~a ~a ~a"
year month day hour min sec tv_usec
(event-type-to-symbol type)
(defgeneric write-log (format &rest args))
(defmethod write-log :before (format &rest args)
(declare (ignore args))
(unless *log-stream*
(setf *log-stream* (open *log-pathname*
:direction :output
:external-format :utf-8
:if-does-not-exist :create
:if-exists :append))))
(defmethod write-log :after (format &rest args)
(declare (ignore format args))
(terpri *log-stream*)
(force-output *log-stream*))
(defmethod write-log ((format string) &rest args)
(apply #'format *log-stream* format args))
(defmethod write-log ((format string) &rest args)
(when *log-stream*
(apply #'format *log-stream* format args)))
(defmethod write-log (format &rest args)
(apply #'write-log (princ-to-string format) args))
(defun close-log-stream ()
(close *log-stream*)
(setf *log-stream* nil))
(defconstant +evdev-minors+ 32)
(defvar *envdev-key-fds* ())
(defvar *uinput-fd* nil)
(defun keyboard-device-p (fd)
(cffi:with-foreign-objects ((devinfo 'input_id))
(sb-posix:ioctl fd
(sb-alien:sap-alien devinfo (* t)))
(cffi:with-foreign-slots ((bustype) devinfo input_id)
;; allow USB, PS/2, ADB
(unless (member bustype (list BUS_USB BUS_I8042 BUS_ADB) :test #'=)
(return-from keyboard-device-p nil))))
(let ((size (1+ (truncate (/ EV_MAX 8)))))
(cffi:with-foreign-objects ((evtype-bitmask :uint8 size))
(sb-posix:ioctl fd
(EVIOCGBIT 0 (* 8 size))
(sb-alien:sap-alien evtype-bitmask (* t)))
;; EV_SYN, EV_KEY, EV_REP ならおk
(let ((value (cffi:mem-ref evtype-bitmask :uint32)))
(and (logbitp EV_SYN value)
(logbitp EV_KEY value)
(logbitp EV_REP value))))))
(defun open-key-device (dev-number)
(let* ((dev-path (format nil "/dev/input/event~d" dev-number))
(fd (sb-posix:open dev-path
(logior sb-posix:o-rdonly sb-posix:o-ndelay))))
(cffi:with-foreign-objects ((version :int))
(sb-posix:ioctl fd
(sb-alien:sap-alien version (* t)))
(if (= (cffi:mem-ref version :int) EV_VERSION)
(sb-posix:close fd)
(sb-posix:syscall-error () nil)))
(defun open-keyboard ()
(setf *envdev-key-fds* nil)
(loop for i from 0 below +evdev-minors+
for fd = (open-key-device i)
if (and fd (keyboard-device-p fd))
do (push fd *envdev-key-fds*))
(length *envdev-key-fds*))
(defun close-keyboard ()
(loop for fd in *envdev-key-fds*
do (ignore-errors (sb-posix:close fd)))
(setf *envdev-key-fds* nil))
;; (open-keyboard)
;; *envdev-key-fds*
;; (close-keyboard)
(defun destroy-uinput-keyboard ()
(when *uinput-fd*
(ignore-errors (sb-posix:ioctl *uinput-fd* UI_DEV_DESTROY))
(ignore-errors (sb-posix:close *uinput-fd*))
(setf *uinput-fd* nil)))
(defun create-uinput-keyboard ()
(setf *uinput-fd* (or (ignore-errors (sb-posix:open "/dev/input/uinput" sb-posix:o-rdwr))
(sb-posix:open "/dev/uinput" sb-posix:o-rdwr)))
(cffi:with-foreign-objects ((uinput-user-dev 'uinput_user_dev))
(cffi:with-foreign-slots ((name id ff_effects_max absmax absmin absfuzz absflat)
uinput-user-dev uinput_user_dev)
(loop for i from 0
for c across (format nil "mayu uinpt~c" #\Nul)
do (setf (cffi:mem-aref name :char i) (char-code c)))
(cffi:with-foreign-slots ((vendor bustype product version) id input_id)
(setf vendor 1)
(setf bustype BUS_I8042)
(setf product 1)
(setf version 4))
;; uinput deviceを作成
(sb-posix:ioctl *uinput-fd* UI_SET_EVBIT EV_KEY)
(sb-posix:ioctl *uinput-fd* UI_SET_EVBIT EV_SYN)
(sb-posix:ioctl *uinput-fd* UI_SET_EVBIT EV_REP)
(sb-posix:ioctl *uinput-fd* UI_SET_EVBIT EV_REL)
(sb-posix:ioctl *uinput-fd* UI_SET_RELBIT REL_X)
(sb-posix:ioctl *uinput-fd* UI_SET_RELBIT REL_Y)
(loop for i from 0 below KEY_MAX
do (sb-posix:ioctl *uinput-fd* UI_SET_KEYBIT i))
(sb-posix:ioctl *uinput-fd* UI_SET_KEYBIT BTN_MOUSE)
(sb-posix:ioctl *uinput-fd* UI_SET_KEYBIT BTN_LEFT)
(sb-posix:ioctl *uinput-fd* UI_SET_KEYBIT BTN_MIDDLE)
(sb-posix:ioctl *uinput-fd* UI_SET_KEYBIT BTN_RIGHT)
(sb-posix:ioctl *uinput-fd* UI_SET_KEYBIT BTN_FORWARD)
(sb-posix:ioctl *uinput-fd* UI_SET_KEYBIT BTN_BACK)
(sb-unix:unix-write *uinput-fd*
(cffi:foreign-type-size 'uinput_user_dev))
(sb-posix:ioctl *uinput-fd* UI_DEV_CREATE)
;; (create-uinput-keyboard)
;; (destroy-uinput-keyboard)
(defun open-keyboard-device ()
(defun close-keyboard-device ()
(keyboard-grab-onoff nil)
(defmacro when-open (&body body)
`(when (and *envdev-key-fds* *uinput-fd*)
(defun write-input-event (fd input-event)
(sb-unix:unix-write fd input-event 0
(cffi:foreign-type-size 'input_event)))
(defun send-input-event (_type _code _value)
(when *uinput-fd*
(cffi:with-foreign-objects ((event 'input_event))
(cffi:with-foreign-slots ((time type code value) event input_event)
(cffi:with-foreign-slots ((tv_sec tv_usec) time timeval)
(setf (values tv_sec tv_usec) (sb-ext:get-time-of-day)))
(setf type _type
code _code
value _value)
(when (= _type EV_KEY)
(write-log "SND ~a" (input-event-to-string event)))
(let ((event-size (cffi:foreign-type-size 'input_event)))
(let ((write-size (sb-unix:unix-write *uinput-fd* ; TODO error
(when (/= event-size write-size)
(write-log "send-input-event failed ~d" (sb-alien:get-errno)))))))))
(defvar *mayu-enabled-p* t)
(defun receive-keyboard-event (fd input-event)
(iolib.syscalls:read fd input-event (cffi:foreign-type-size 'input_event))
(cffi:with-foreign-slots ((type code value) input-event input_event)
(if *mayu-enabled-p*
(cond ((= type EV_KEY)
(write-log "rev ~a" (string-downcase (input-event-to-string input-event)))
((or (= type EV_SYN) ; 無視
(= type EV_MSC))
;; キーボードイベント以外は、そのまま出力
(write-input-event *uinput-fd* input-event)
(write-log "raw ~a" (input-event-to-string input-event))
(when (and (= type EV_KEY) (= code KEY_F11)
(= value +press+))
(setf *mayu-enabled-p* t))
(write-input-event *uinput-fd* input-event)
(defun keyboard-grab-onoff (onoff)
(loop for fd in *envdev-key-fds*
do (handler-case
(sb-posix:ioctl fd EVIOCGRAB (if onoff -1 0))
(sb-posix:syscall-error () nil))))
(defvar *key-stat* (make-array KEY_CNT :initial-element +release+))
(defun sym-to-mod (sym)
(case sym
(+shift+ *shift*)
(+ctrl+ *ctrl*)
(+alt+ *alt*)
(+meta+ *meta*)
(+super+ *super*)
(+hyper+ *hyper*)))
(defun mod-sym-to-key (mod-sym)
(car (sym-to-mod mod-sym)))
(defun mod-key-to-sym (mod-key-code)
(cond ((member mod-key-code *shift*)
((member mod-key-code *ctrl*)
((member mod-key-code *alt*)
((member mod-key-code *meta*)
((member mod-key-code *super*)
((member mod-key-code *hyper*)
(defun ensure-mod-sym (sym-or-code)
(typecase sym-or-code
(symbol sym-or-code)
(t (mod-key-to-sym sym-or-code))))
(defgeneric send-keyboard-event (code action))
(defmethod send-keyboard-event (code action)
(when *uinput-fd*
(send-input-event EV_KEY code action) ; TODO error
(send-input-event EV_SYN SYN_REPORT 0)
(defmethod send-keyboard-event :after ((code integer) action)
(setf (aref *key-stat* code) action))
(defmethod send-keyboard-event ((code symbol) action)
(send-keyboard-event (mod-sym-to-key code) action))
(macrolet ((m (sym keys)
`(defmethod send-keyboard-event ((code (eql ,sym)) (action (eql +release+)))
(loop for key in ,keys
if (on-p key)
do (send-keyboard-event key +release+)))))
(m +shift+ *shift*)
(m +ctrl+ *ctrl*)
(m +alt+ *alt*)
(m +meta+ *meta*)
(m +super+ *super*)
(m +meta+ *meta*))
(defun press-p (code)
(= (aref *key-stat* code) +press+))
(defun release-p (code)
(= (aref *key-stat* code) +release+))
(defun repeat-p (code)
(= (aref *key-stat* code) +repeat+))
(defun on-p (code)
(not (release-p code)))
(defun shift-press-p ()
(some #'on-p *shift*))
(defun ctrl-press-p ()
(some #'on-p *ctrl*))
(defun alt-press-p ()
(some #'on-p *alt*))
(defun meta-press-p ()
(some #'on-p *meta*))
(defun super-press-p ()
(some #'on-p *super*))
(defun hyper-press-p ()
(some #'on-p *hyper*))
(defun event-type-to-symbol (event-type)
(case event-type
(#.EV_SW 'EV_SW)
(#.EV_FF 'EV_FF)
(t event-type)))
(defvar *key-array*
(let ((array (make-array KEY_CNT)))
(loop for i from 0 below KEY_CNT
do (setf (aref array i) i))
(defvar *one-shot* nil)
(defvar *one-shot-status* nil)
(defvar *sequence-table* nil)
(defvar *sequence-temp-mod* nil)
(defvar *sequence-temp-mod-for-current-mod* nil)
(defgeneric release-mod (sym-or-code)
(:method ((sym symbol))
(release-mod (mod-sym-to-key sym)))
(:method ((code fixnum))
(let ((seq (list (mod-key-to-sym code) +release+)))
(setf *sequence-temp-mod*
(remove seq *sequence-temp-mod* :test #'equal))
(defun current-mod ()
(let ((mod `(,@(if (alt-press-p) '(+alt+))
,@(if (ctrl-press-p) '(+ctrl+))
,@(if (meta-press-p) '(+meta+))
,@(if (shift-press-p) '(+shift+))
,@(if (super-press-p) '(+super+))
,@(if (hyper-press-p) '(+hyper+)))))
(loop for (c v) in *sequence-temp-mod-for-current-mod*
for mod-sym = (ensure-mod-sym c)
do (if (= v +press+)
(setf mod (delete mod-sym mod))
(pushnew mod-sym mod)))
(defgeneric mod-press-p (mod)
(:method ((mod fixnum))
(mod-press-p (mod-key-to-sym mod)))
(:method ((mod symbol))
(find mod (current-mod))))
(defun find-no-mod (x)
(find x *modifiers* :key #'cadr))
(defun proc-one-shot (code action)
(let ((mod (cdr (assoc code *one-shot*))))
(if mod
(cond ((and (null *one-shot-status*) (= action +press+))
(if (mod-press-p mod)
nil ; 即に mod キーが有効になっているので、通常動作をする。
(setf *one-shot-status* :only)
`((,mod ,+press+)))))
((and (eq *one-shot-status* :only) (= action +release+)) ; 他に何も押さなかった場合
(setf *one-shot-status* nil)
`(,(release-mod mod)
(,code ,+press+)
(,code ,+release+)))
((= action +release+)
(if *one-shot-status*
(setf *one-shot-status* nil)
`(,(release-mod mod)))
nil)) ; 即に mod キーが有効になっているので、通常動作をする。
(t (list ())))
(when (and (eq *one-shot-status* :only) (= action +press+))
(setf *one-shot-status* :other))
(defun compute-sequence-temp-mod (sequence-key sequence-value current-mod)
(write-log "compute-sequence-temp-mod ~a ~a ~a" sequence-key sequence-value current-mod)
(flet ((release-mod-seq (mod)
(loop for key in (sym-to-mod mod)
if (on-p key)
collect (list key +release+))))
(let (any)
(loop for i in sequence-value
if (eq i +any+)
do (setf any t)
else if (and (symbolp i)
(not (member i current-mod)))
collect (list i +press+))
(if any
;; ((+any+ +shift+ KEY_COMMA) (+any+ KEY_COMMA)) の場合に shift をリリースするパターン
(loop for i in sequence-key
if (and (symbolp i)
(not (eq i +any+))
(not (find-no-mod i))
(not (member i sequence-value)))
append (release-mod-seq i))
;; sequence-value にないものは全てリリースする。
(loop for i in current-mod
unless (member i sequence-value)
append (release-mod-seq i)))))))
(defun reverse-action-sequnce (sequence)
(loop for (c v) in sequence
collect (list c (cond ((= v +press+)
((= v +release+)
(t v)))))
(defgeneric compute-send-sequence (sequence-key sequence-value current-mod code action)
(:method (sequence-key sequence-value current-mod code (action (eql +press+)))
(write-log "compute-send-sequence ~@{~a ~}" sequence-key sequence-value current-mod code action)
(setf *sequence-temp-mod* (compute-sequence-temp-mod sequence-key sequence-value current-mod))
(setf *sequence-temp-mod-for-current-mod* *sequence-temp-mod*)
(let ((key (find-if #'numberp sequence-value)))
(append *sequence-temp-mod*
(list (list key +press+))
(reverse-action-sequnce *sequence-temp-mod*))))
(:method (sequence-key sequence-value current-mod code (action (eql +repeat+)))
(let ((key (find-if #'numberp sequence-value)))
(append *sequence-temp-mod*
(list (list key +release+)
(list key +press+))
(reverse-action-sequnce *sequence-temp-mod*))))
(:method (sequence-key sequence-value current-mod code (action (eql +release+)))
(let ((key (find-if #'numberp sequence-value)))
(write-log "compute-sequence-temp-mod release ~a ~a" *sequence-temp-mod* *sequence-temp-mod-for-current-mod*)
(setf *sequence-temp-mod* nil)
(setf *sequence-temp-mod-for-current-mod* nil)
(list (list key +release+)))))
(defun sequence-match-p (a b)
"a is input. b is key in *sequence-table*."
(let (any)
(loop for i in b
for no-mod = (find-no-mod i)
do (cond (no-mod
(when (member (car no-mod) a)
(return-from sequence-match-p nil)))
((eq i +any+)
(setf any t))
((not (member i a))
(return-from sequence-match-p nil))))
(when (not any)
(loop for i in a
unless (member i b)
do (return-from sequence-match-p nil))))
(defun proc-sequence (code action)
(let* ((current-mod (current-mod))
(current-sequence (append current-mod (list code))))
(write-log "proce-sequence ~a ~a" current-mod current-sequence)
(loop for (key . val) in *sequence-table*
if (sequence-match-p current-sequence key)
do (return-from proc-sequence
(compute-send-sequence key val current-mod code action)))
(defun translate-key (code action)
(let ((code (aref *key-array* code)))
(or (proc-one-shot code action)
(proc-sequence code action)
(list (list code action)))))
(defun proc-key (code action)
(when (and (= code KEY_F12) (= action +press+))
(setf *mayu-enabled-p* nil))
(when (and (= code KEY_F10) (= action +press+)) ; デバッグのためにログにマークを出力する。
(write-log "-----------------------------------------------------------------------------"))
(let ((ret (translate-key code action)))
(loop for (code action) in ret
if code
do (send-keyboard-event code action))
(defun epoll-ctl (fd epfd op &rest events)
(cffi:with-foreign-object (ev 'isys:epoll-event)
(isys:bzero ev isys:size-of-epoll-event)
(setf (cffi:foreign-slot-value ev 'isys:epoll-event 'isys:events)
(apply #'logior events))
(setf (cffi:foreign-slot-value
(cffi:foreign-slot-value ev 'isys:epoll-event 'isys:data)
'isys:epoll-data 'isys:fd)
(isys:epoll-ctl epfd op fd ev)))
(defun main-loop ()
(handler-case (progn
(keyboard-grab-onoff t)
(error (e)
(warn "~a" e)))))
;; (sb-thread:make-thread 'main-loop)
(defun %main-loop ()
(let ((epfd (isys:epoll-create 1))
(fd-count (length *envdev-key-fds*)))
(loop for fd in *envdev-key-fds*
do (epoll-ctl fd epfd isys:epoll-ctl-add isys:epollin))
(cffi:with-foreign-objects ((input-event 'input_event)
(events 'isys:epoll-event fd-count))
(isys:bzero events (* isys:size-of-epoll-event fd-count))
(loop for ready-fds = (isys:epoll-wait epfd events fd-count 1000)
do (loop for i below ready-fds
for event = (cffi:mem-aref events 'isys:epoll-event i)
for event-fd = (cffi:foreign-slot-value
(cffi:foreign-slot-value event 'isys:epoll-event 'isys:data)
'isys:epoll-data 'isys:fd)
if (receive-keyboard-event event-fd input-event)
do (cffi:with-foreign-slots ((type code value) input-event input_event)
(proc-key code value)))))))
;;; config.lisp 用のマクロ
(defmacro set-key-subst (&rest args)
,@(loop for (a b) in args
collect `(setf (aref *key-array* ,a) ,b))))
(defmacro set-one-shot (&rest args)
`(setf *one-shot* (list ,@(loop for (a b) in args
collect `(cons ,a ,b)))))
(defmacro set-sequence (&rest args)
`(setf *sequence-table* (list ,@(loop for (a b) in args
collect `(cons (list ,@a) (list ,@b))))))
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