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This is PAIProlog, an adaptation of the Prolog compiler from Peter
Norvig's _Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming_, and
distributed under the terms of Peter Norvig's licence, included as
license.html and viewable (as of May 2005) at
PAIProlog is expected to work with the latest released version of the
SBCL implementation of Common Lisp (information available at
<>). As of May 2005, it contains little
unportable code, but it will not be tested with other lisps, nor will
any special effort be made to avoid unportable constructs.
Contributions to PAIProlog are welcome: the TODO file gives an
indication of development direction. Potential contributors should
note that their contributions are much more likely to be merged if
they address items near the top of the TODO file; while no attempt is
made to discourage any user to develop the system to meet his or her
need, nor even to publish those developments, merging into the
distribution will be done at the discretion of the maintainers.
Christophe Rhodes <> 2005-05-18T10:15+0100
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