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Open source projection software for churches.
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Github All Releases Build Status Snap Status License: GPL v3


Are you here to download the latest version? Great! You want one of these:

2019.0 - Windows x64

2019.0 - Cross platform (requires Java)

2019.0 - Mac

2019.0 - Linux
Get it from the Snap Store

Problems or suggestions? Head over to our forum and feel free to ask away. We don't bite!


CI releases

You can see the latest CI release here. Windows, Mac and Crossplatform installers are provided.

If you're using Linux, then no separate download is needed. Just run sudo snap install --edge quelea to install the latest CI version. (You'll need to install the snappy package manager first if it's not already present on your system.)

CI releases are automatically built from the latest code in this repository, and thus are not fully tested. They should not be used in production settings.


If you're interested in learning more about how to use Quelea, the documentation can be found here.

I've found a bug!

Please report it so we can fix it! Feel free to create an issue, and provide as much information as you can on how to reproduce the problem (step by step instructions for recreating the issue after starting Quelea are very useful.) After recreating the problem, you should also attach your debug log - this may give us a few technical clues as to what's going on.

Please note that if we can't recreate a bug, then we can't fix it, so providing as much information as you can here is very important.

I'd like to contribute

Great! Please see our specific contributing guidelines for more information.

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