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Welcome to leafdigital browserstats. This collection of programs, designed using the Unix tool philosophy, can be used to analyse Web log files in order to obtain information about browser usage on your site.

This is not a GUI program and is not designed for novice users. It has two main aims:

  1. Correctly categorise current browsers. (Many log analysers get this wrong, sometimes drastically so.)
  2. Allow customisation so that you can efficiently create and revise statistics, extracting only the desired information.

Several things you probably want to do are not covered by this software:

  • If you want to automate the process of creating statistics, you need to write a script that runs the browserstats components on your data.
  • If you want to analyse your web logs in other ways, such as finding out how many times a particular file was requested, you will need to use another log analyser. This software has the single purpose of analysing browser statistics (user agents).

Getting started

Contributing to the project

This project is released under GNU Public License version 3. It is copyright 2010 Samuel Marshall. If you make any contribution to the project, you must assign copyright in that contribution to me. This is required in order to make any future relicensing simpler. (This is about copyright only, not credit – there will be a list of contributors, if anyone does!)

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