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PyGarmin Change Log
Fixed various bugs
Brought up to date with CVS
(the tarball had become very dated)
Patches for recent pythons on Win32
JAHS's mods - callback, debug etc
See CVS logs for more details
Fixed various bugs
Tidier SerialLink code
Runs under Python 1.5.2
More debugging available if wanted
Added a datum-conversion module.
Added Raymond Penners' Win32SerialLink stuff and timeout stuff
A900 support
A800 support (for real-time data)
Waypoints now have __repr__, __str__ and getDict methods
The 'pygarmin' app has some facilities to output XML,
using the new xmlwriter module.
Various bug fixes and minor changes. See CVS logs for details.
Some changes to newstruct to fix bugs and make it work with Python 1.5.1
Added TrackHdr class to fix protocol D310
Incorporated James Skillen's improvements to support protocol A001 for
newer Garmin units.
Updated the tables based on new spec.
0.1 Initial release