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This is VNC2DL — a VNC viewer that outputs to a DisplayLink device.

It is based on a standard VNC viewer, and makes heavy use of the code from the tightvnc project, which in turn is based on the code from RealVNC.

It also uses the libdlo library from DisplayLink.

VNC2DL is very much a work in progress, and does not, for example, support some of the command-line options that it claims to support!

However, if you run a VNC server of the right size and pixel depth, perhaps using something like:

Xvnc4 -geometry 1280×1024 -pixelformat bgr888 -SecurityTypes None -AlwaysShared :12 &

and put something on the screen using, say:
DISPLAY=:12 xclock -update 1 &
DISPLAY=:12 xsetroot -solid navy

You should then be able to connect to it using:
vnc2dl :12

See Getting VNC2DL to get started, Issues to see which problems we already know about, and Notes for Developers to understand more about the code and so how to fix the problems!

With some careful handling, you might be able to combine this with ev2vnc to create a Hubster system!

Quentin Stafford-Fraser

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