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Home Assistant component to get weather data from Cambridge University Dept of Comp Sci & Tech
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Home Assistant Weather from the University of Cambridge

There is a weather station on the roof of the Department of Computer Science & Technology (formerly the Computer Lab), in the west part of Cambridge, UK. For more information about it, see the web page.

This is a custom component for Home Assistant that will let you use it as a standard weather source.

Installation - HACS

If you have the HACS (Home Assistant Community Store) component installed on your system, then you just need to go into its Settings page and add a custom repository:

Then you should be able to install the component, and keep it updated, using HACS.

Installation - Manual

Note that the directory layout for custom components changed in Home Assistant 0.88, so these instructions assume you're running a more recent version than that.

  • In your Home Assistant config directory, create a folder called custom_components, if you don't already have one.

  • Within that, create a cambridge_dcst folder.

  • Download or check out the, and manifest.json files and put them there. An easy way is to change into that directory and do:

    curl -O
    curl -O
    curl -O

    So in your config directury you should have:



  • If you were previously using custom_updater to keep track of updates, please remove references to this component from your configuration. The switch to HACS has happened, and custom_updater will no longer give correct information.

  • Add the following lines to your configuration.yaml:

     - platform: cambridge_dcst

You should then have a weather.cambridge_dcst entity.

  • Restart Home Assistant

Viewing the results

In the Lovelace UI, you can use a standard 'weather_forecast` card:

- entity: weather.cambridge_dcst
  type: weather-forecast

Plotting the history

If, like me, you like plotting graphs of the values of some of the attributes, like temperature or pressure, you may need to extract them as a separate sensor before using them in, say, the Lovelace history_graph card. You can use a template sensor to do that in your configuration.yaml, for example:

  - platform: template

        friendly_name: 'Outside temp (Computer Lab)'
        value_template: "{{ state_attr('weather.cambridge_dcst', 'temperature') }}"
        entity_id: weather.cambridge_dcst
        icon_template: mdi:thermometer
        unit_of_measurement: "°C"

Then you can use sensor.computer_lab_temperature elsewhere in your system, and its historic data will start to be recorded.

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