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A custom theme I developed for Blue & White <>, a monthly
magazine at UNC, with some custom features designed specifically for its usage.
Code based on WordPress 3.0's default theme, Twenty Ten. Appearance, less so.
Uses Jan Sorgalla's jCarousel <>.
Special features:
- Page templates for issue archives and individual issues.
- Feature photos for pages (684 by 150 pixels), using WordPress post
thumbnails. These photos can also be displayed in a front page "featured
content" carousel, configured through the theme options.
- Spot colors that change the basis color of the theme on a per-page basis,
using a #rrggbb hex triplet in a custom field named "spotcolor". If no spot
color is configured for a specific page, it looks for one in its ancestors,
and then falls back to a default specified in the theme options.
- Author names can be overridden by using a custom field named "author"; the
special value "@none" disables bylines on pages.