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Querydsl Mongodb

The Mongodb module provides integration with the Mongodb API.

Maven integration

Add the following dependencies to your Maven project :



And now, configure the Maven APT plugin which generates the query types used by Querydsl :


The MorphiaAnnotationProcessor finds domain types annotated with the annotation and generates Querydsl query types for them.

Run mvn clean install and you will get your Query types generated into target/generated-sources/java.

If you use Eclipse, run mvn eclipse:eclipse to update your Eclipse project to include target/generated-sources/java as a source folder.

Now you are able to construct Mongodb queries and instances of the query domain model.

Example query

Querying with Querydsl Mongodb with Morphia is as simple as this :

Morphia morphia;
Datastore datastore;
// ...  
QUser user = new QUser("user");
MorphiaQuery<User> query = new MorphiaQuery<User>(morphia, datastore, user);
List<User> list = query

For more information on the Querydsl Mongodb module visit the reference documentation