FEATURE: HibernateSQLQuery.*join parity with HibernateQuery.*join #2077

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I was trying to switch a query from HibernateQuery to HibernateSqlQuery but hit a snag when trying to switch the join paths over. My current HibernateQuery hooks into both a CollectionPath and a MapPath on my object. However, the HibernateSqlQuery does not have similar functions for linking into these paths.

QEntity qe = QEntity.entity;
QEntityMap qem = QEntityMap.entityMap;
QEntityCollection qec = QEntityMap.entityCollection;

HibernateQuery hq = new HibernateQuery(...).from(qe);

I can't seem to find a way to do this with a HibernateSQLQuery since the generated entities don't have foreign keys.

I'd like the option of using both HQL and native SQL in the same project, but maybe that's not possible?

Do I need to kill my hibernate/jpa generations and only use native SQL generations?


The main reason I'd like to continue to use HQL and SQL is because I also use the HibernateDeleteClause and HibernateUpdateClause classes. Would I need to replace these as well? If so, how could I go about doing that efficiently?


ok, I see some instructions here http://www.querydsl.com/static/querydsl/4.1.3/reference/html/ch02.html#d0e431

However, I'm not sure what the Maven is doing. I'm using gradle, and I'm not sure I understand enough of that maven portion to write my own gradle task.

I do see that there is an Ant task AntMetaDataExporter which looks like it takes similar arguments to the Maven plugin that I should be able to use from gradle. However, I'm not sure what the important pieces of configuration are. Do I need to use Darby, or should I use my actual development database (MySQL in this case)? It also looks like I need to change the namePrefix setting to "S" to match the query samples, but that's not in the example Maven configuration.

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