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countDistinct, iterateDistinct, listDistinct and listDistinctResults will be deprecated in Querydsl 3.0 and removed at a later time. This is because the same effect can be achieved with distinct() + count/iterate/list/listResults. This usage is more in line with other result modifiers such as limit, offset and orderBy.

As an example the following query


can then be expressed as

netwein commented Jan 10, 2013

If the listDistinctResults will be removed how the funtionality of select distinct on specific field with pagination can be accomplished? Today the search result also calculates the total rows number on the distinct field


listDistinctResults(...) will become distinct().listResults(...)


Released in 3.0.0.BETA1

@timowest timowest closed this Jan 13, 2013
@timowest timowest added this to the 3.0.0 milestone Apr 14, 2014

How Select DISTINCT on specific field can be done in querydsl 4.0.2 ?


@hamavaro I think you are looking for the GROUP BY clause.

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