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Querydsl Lucene 5

The Lucene module provides integration with the Lucene 5 indexing library.

Maven integration

Add the following dependencies to your Maven project :



Creating the query types

With fields year and title a manually created query type could look something like this:

public class QDocument extends EntityPathBase<Document>{
    private static final long serialVersionUID = -4872833626508344081L;

    public QDocument(String var) {
        super(Document.class, PathMetadataFactory.forVariable(var));

    public final StringPath year = createString("year");

    public final StringPath title = createString("title");

QDocument represents a Lucene document with the fields year and title.

Code generation is not available for Lucene, since no schema data is available.


Querying with Querydsl Lucene is as simple as this:

QDocument doc = new QDocument("doc");

IndexSearcher searcher = new IndexSearcher(index);
LuceneQuery query = new LuceneQuery(true, searcher); 
List<Document> documents = query
    .where(doc.year.between("1800", "2000").and(doc.title.startsWith("Huckle"))

which is transformed into the following Lucene query :

+year:[1800 TO 2000] +title:huckle*

For more information on the Querydsl Lucene module visit the reference documentation