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Missing values for julia
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Project Status: Active - The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed. Build Status Build status DataValues codecov


This package provides the type DataValue that is used to represent missing data.

Currently the main use of this type is in the Query.jl and IterableTables.jl packages.

This repo is based on the following principles/ideas:

  • This type is meant to make life for data scientists as easy as possible. That is the main guiding principle.
  • We hook into the dot broadcasting mechanism from julia 0.7 to provide lifting functionality for functions that don't have specific methods for DataValue arguments.
  • The & and | operators follow the 3VL semantics for DataValues.
  • Comparison operators like ==, < etc. on DataValues return Bool values, i.e. they are normal predicates.
  • The package provides many lifted methods.
  • One can access or unpack the value within a DataValue either via the get(x) function, or use the x[] syntax.

Any help with this package would be greatly appreciated!

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