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An Electron.jl based figure and table display.
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Project Status: Active - The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed. Build Status Build status ElectronDisplay


This package provides a display for figures and plots. When you load the package, it will push a new display onto the julia display stack and from then on it will display any value that can be rendered as png, svg, vega, vega-lite or plotly in an electron based window. This is especially handy when one works on the REPL and wants plots to show up in a nice window.

Getting Started

You can install the package via the normal julia package manger:


As soon as you load the package with using ElectronDisplay, it will start to show plots that have the correct show methods in an electron window.

ElectronDisplay also exports a function electrondisplay. You can use electrondisplay(x) to show x explicitly in ElectronDisplay (e.g., when another display has higher precedence). You can also use electrondisplay(mime, x) to specify a MIME to be used. For example, to read the docstring of reduce in ElectronDisplay, you can use electrondisplay(@doc reduce).


You can use the following configuration option to reuse existing window for displaying a new content. The default behavior is to create a new window for each display.

using ElectronDisplay
ElectronDisplay.CONFIG.single_window = true

To control objects to be handled by ElectronDisplay, you can set ElectronDisplay.CONFIG.showable. By default, ElectronDisplay does not show markdown, HTML, and application/vnd.dataresource+json output. To show everything in ElectronDisplay whenever it's supported, you can use:

using Markdown
ElectronDisplay.CONFIG.showable = showable
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