Julia package for loading the standard Vega data sets
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This package provides an easy way to load the datasets in vega-datasets from julia.


You can install this package from the julia REPL with the following command:


Getting started

The package only exports one function that takes the name of a dataset and returns a VegaDataset with that data:

using VegaDatasets

vg = dataset("iris")

VegaDataset implements the iterable tables interface, so it can be passed to any sink that accepts iterable tables.

For example, to convert a dataset into a DataFrame, you can write:

using VegaDatasets, DataFrames

df = DataFrame(dataset("iris"))

You can pipe a VegaDataset directly into a VegaLite.jl plot:

using VegaLite, VegaDatasets

dataset("iris") |> @vlplot(:point, x=:sepalLength, y=:petalWidth)